Just wondering if anyone has any tips on maintaining your weight once you’ve achieved your desired goal.


  • Paul_Ingy
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    Hi. As it happens tjats exactly were i am at right now. For me my goal was to gain weight then maintain it whilst trying to shred the extra fat id gained. I have a high metabolism, so if i stop training etc id just go back to being thin (so I'm trying to keep weight on) I assume you are trying to keep weight off?
  • brown6267
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    I have been maintaining since 04/2020. The same things I did when losing is what I am doing now: 1) logging; 2) exercise or being active each day; and 3) adding 200-250 calories extra per day to eat. I lost at approximately 1/2 pound per week.

    Congratulations on your loss and best of luck in maintenance.
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    Hi, cathryn. Welcome to the Maintaining forum. :)

    Take a read through the "Most Helpful Posts" in this subforum, here:


    I've been at maintenance weight after losing 80ish pounds back in 2007-08.

    For me - I still log food every day. I still use my digital food scale on most things. I still take a one hour walk, minimum, daily. I prepare nearly all my own meals. Even before Covid I was only having restaurant food maybe twice a month.
  • ChelleDee07
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    I have approached maintenance a little differently than most. I guess you could say I've sorta stayed in weight loss mode. What I mean by that is this... I take my weekends off. I may or maynot get intentional exercise in. I typically don't weigh/log my food. BUT come Monday morning... I get back on the scale, weigh and jump right back into my healthier habits (eating, weighing/logging my food & getting exercise). This Sept will make 3 years I have maintained more than 100 lb loss. I know this is not the typical route for most, but it has worked for me. I don't gorge myself over the weekends.... I just allow myself a little more freedom. It has been completely sustainable for me. Like most who reach maintenance, I do have a 'comfort zone' I aim to stay in. If I start creeping up... I become more attentive and tighten the reigns a little if warranted. I tend to go up anywhere between 2 to 6 lbs just over the weekend, but have that back off by Wednesday/Thursday. Of course that is not all actual gain as sodium knows how to grab hold ~ but again, I get it shifted right back off. So when I say I stay in weight loss mode... I really kinda do. Might not interest you, but thought I'd share another outlook since you were asking for tips.