Diabetic and overweight HELP

Helllo All!
So I just recently was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, I have high cholesterol and fatty liver I’m only 24 and weight 245 LBS I know to young to have all the health issues. If anyone can give me any pointers or tips that would be greatly appreciated.


  • karenalexander1164
    Hi Hayley check out dr berg on you tube he has loads of information on intermittent fasting and diabetes , good luck 🤗
  • fdhunt1
    fdhunt1 Posts: 222 Member
    Agree with @karenalexander1164, you need to go the low carb/KETO route. Dr. Berg, Dr Ken Berry, Dr Eric Westman all have good advice on Youtube. Also, check out the low carb; Keto; carnivore threads on this site. Lots of good folks there. If you are not sure where to start, Google Dr. Westman's "page four diet". It's about as good as it gets - very straight forward and a proven history of results.