Schools reopened

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Were abouts is everyone from? and how you getting on with school reopens?, how kids coping.? I'm from Merseyside my kids are luckily thrilled to be back but really strange times is everyone back at work? And are you all well? Sorry questions questions ♡


  • Cricketmad88
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    My LO went back to school today now Yr1, I live in bedfordshire, she was nervous until she saw her best friend then suddenly I didn't exist. Kids will soon get back into the routine of school and adapt to the few changes as required due to Covid. I have been at work nearly the whole time except the first 3 weeks life will just be adapted slightly until this is all sorted. Hope you are well
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    @Cricketmad88 awww same my 2 girls went back Thursday like u I worked right through I think in away thats probably better hope ur all well too. Godbless