I want friends ! ❤️

Hi I’m Kia....... I’m almost 32 and <3 I used this app over 10 years ago prior to having kids and was very successful so I wanted to join again! This time around my initial goal is to lose 30 pounds, it’s day 11 for me and I’ve already lost 5 pounds so off to a great start! Would love to add people and have friends here that I could share/update with, feel free to add me ❤️


  • Chris_J99
    Chris_J99 Posts: 175 Member
    Hi! Welcome back 😁
    Well done on your fantastic start 💪🏼👍
    The MFP community is fab. Always lots of people to encourage you 😊
    Keep at it!
  • KillerJV
    KillerJV Posts: 1 Member
    Hi I’m Jean I’m also new to the app and looking for friends to motivate me in my weight loss journey
  • Erswim10
    Erswim10 Posts: 134 Member
    Good Morning! Feel free to add me as a friend if you'd like!
  • seder538
    seder538 Posts: 10 Member
    I am also a returning user to the app. Welcome and feel free to add me as a friend
  • I am returning to this app from a long break during the summer.
    I wish I had kept up with it but I am back at it and I feel very motivated.
    Feel free to add me as a friend.
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
    Megan_smartiepants1970 Posts: 30,503 Member
    Welcome back ...You are welcome to add me .... wishing you much success :)
  • jukeitz
    jukeitz Posts: 87 Member
    Great start and you can add me as well 😊