Overnight oats question....

So right now we get these SUPER OATS delivered from Revive Superfoods (they contain tons of yummy fruit and oats) - they come frozen and the night before you add some milk and put in the fridge. In the morning they are ready to eat.

Thinking of doing this myself with quick oats and frozen fruit and some plastic tuperwares.

But not sure what the ratio should be.

Was thinking 1/2 cup oats + 1/2 cup fruit.
Then in the morning add about 1/2 cup of milk maybe?

Anyone have experience doing something like this.
**No time in the morning to just make them then plus the fruit would still be frozen - I realize I could just mix them each night but I would like to pre-make like 20 of them so they are just grab and go**


  • nanastaci2020
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    For first attempt I'd do just 2-3 with different ratios, then make in batch based on how it turns out.
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    I love Skinny Taste recipes......


    I can see that after so many days it would get gross. Oats are like rice in that they keep absorbing liquid for awhile. Plus freshness is going to vary depending on what you are adding (yogurt, almond milk, etc.)

    Here's a freezer idea.......you make the "kits" ahead, not the whole thing.

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    Oats are oats to the body. It's all absorbed the same way. Yes quality of oats make a little bit of difference, but unless you're an elite athlete, it's miniscule.

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  • Rannoch3908
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    We do not add the milk till the night before so there will never be any sitting in there getting soggy - the big batch will be in the freezer with just fruit and oats. Then you take it out - pour in milk - put in fridge. By morning they are ready to eat.

    Our fruit is always going bad so I loaded up on TONS of frozen fruit to use with parfaits, oats, chia pudding, cottage cheese, etc. No microwave either - we don't own one.
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    I do 40g oats, 50g blueberries, cinnamon and also 6g of groundflaxseeds and a touch of sweetner, and about 90ml oat milk (I'm vegetarian so flaxseeds help my protein intake). I haven't used frozen fruit, just use fresh and make up about 3 tubs at a time (using old doritios salsa jars, perfect size). I normally add about another 10-20ml of milk in the morning (mainly due to flaxseeds expansions). if it's a cold morning I can also just quickly decant the mix into a microvewable bowl and blitz for 2 mins for a very purpley warming breakfast.
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    The ratio of oats to fruit is largely one of personal preference. 50/50 seems like a lot fruit to me but maybe not to you. Before you make 20, make one at a time for a few tries until You find the combos you prefer.
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    I personally use 1 part each oats, water and high protein vanilla yogurt, a dash of cinnamon, a scoop of protein powder, and then a half cup of fruit, usually peaches. Reminds me of peach crumble.
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    This was so effing good. I didn’t use stevia though. The protein powder I have is sweet enough. If you don’t have protein powder use cocoa for the chocolate flavour. Greek yogurt on it’s own is a good source of protein.


    I find this photo handy when I forgot the ratio (which is always)

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    I do 43 g old fashioned oats, 145 g milk/almond milk, Tablespoon of chia seeds, tablespoon of flax meal, a dash of tumeric, cinnamon, ginger. Sometimes if I have the calories I'll add peanut butter. I tend to eat my fruit on the side, frozen blueberries are wonderful.
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    When I make oats it's half oats and half milk. It really depends on how liquidy you want it.
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    When I make oats it's half oats and half milk. It really depends on how liquidy you want it.

    Exactly this, plus whatever goodies you fancy on top. Fruit, spices, yoghurt, peanut butter, protein powder, nuts, maybe a teaspoon of chia seeds stirred in the night before.

    I do think sometimes people over think it.
    I make it the night before, it take about 3 minutes.
    I've never tried freezing or making days worth at a time. Partly because I worry it would go to gloopy for my taste, partly because it is so little effort in the first place.

    They do need to soak for a bit, so it might not work adding milk in the morning if you want to eat them soon after.
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    I just mix this up in the morning and let it "sit" while I drink coffee: 40-50 g oatmeal, 80-100 g fruit (berries or banana), 1 c of kefir with added vanilla whey protein powder, or 230 g plain, nonfat greek yogurt. I like the texture of undercooked oatmeal :) In the winter, I'll put the oatmeal in a bowl topped with 80-100 g of frozen blueberries and nuke it for 2 minutes and then add yogurt.
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    We use frozen fruit so it has to thaw in fridge overnight while the oats soak - can't do it in the morning.