Have you ever just had a complete meltdown?

So I've been doing good, tracking and weighing and last night at some point in the middle of the night while half asleep, I seemed to have a meltdown and eat probably 13 of the little mini donuts that come in a bag. I've had a hellish few days, my mother-in-law is in the hospital with blood clots in her lungs and legs and she has a bleed coming from somewhere. She had a total hip 10 days ago. Guys, it's been HELL. In Tennessee they have a rule that only one person and it has to be the SAME person that can visit the patient, so I'm it. Life is stressful, I know today is a new day and I need to hang on that. I'm a black and white a person and I have a hard time finding the gray area that I need. Can someone please tell me if they feel the same and how they managed to get over the hump?


  • WellingTX
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    Can’t change yesterday, see if there’s anything to be learned and then let it go.

    Be kind to yourself and start again.

    Repeat as often as necessary, just don’t stop starting anew.
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    Don’t be too hard on yourself! You been going through a difficult time. So what you had a moment of weakness? Instead of beating yourself up, treat yourself like you would a close friend with love and kindness. Forget about the donuts! It’s over with. Today is a new day. Eat today, like you truly love yourself with healthy, good food. You can do. You deserve to be healthy and happy! Be kind to yourself!
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    Well, you are in a very rough, stressful spot. Food seems to be a coping mechanism that you are falling back on. Maybe you can replace it with something else? A quick walk or yoga or something to clear your mind? I have a lot going on and sweating... literally sweating and getting out of breath, heart racing... fixes something inside me.

    What I do when life is getting super stupid is I make a goal list. For me right now:

    20k steps a day
    Help my husband in the morning
    Homeschooling 4 lessons/day
    Be the mom Logan needs (special needs toddler)
    Stay inside my calorie goal

    I keep going until I have it all down and then I look at it and laugh. I’m not freaking Superman....Be realistic. My bottom line is I want to be strong and live as long as I can. I am not perfect. I just am consistent. Keep trying. Keep going. Cut yourself some slack...but keep going...

    Fall down 9 times, get up 10.

    I think everyone has moments of weakness, moments of WTF did I do?, regret... just forgive yourself, get back up and go on.

    I hope that you find some peace in all that you have going on right now. 🌺
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    Don’t beat yourself up. I’m sure with everything going on you do not have time to think about healthy food choices all the time. Those 13 mini donuts are gone and based on your entire lifetime have very little if any meaning. Focus on what’s important which is your role as caregiver which I’ve done and remains the most stressful thing I’ve ever done. At some point that will be over so just take each day one at a time and don’t over stress about a bad food choice.it happens.
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    So very sorry for all you are going through, i too turn to food when I’m stressed. Take a few deep breaths, forgive yourself and move on. You can’t be 100 perfect every day. We are all going to have slip ups life happens and it’s OK. You are clearly under a tremendous amount of stress. Please take care of yourself and continue to reach out we are all on this journey together. Xo
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    Eh, I think a meltdown would be something where you lose it and are inconsolable by anyone. I've had days off where I eat a whole large pizza for a meal. Or a half gallon of ice cream.
    It happens, and you just realize it's something you shouldn't be doing and then get back on that horse.

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  • SillyCat1975
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    Thank you guys. The first week is the hardest I think, but I can pat myself on the back because I picked myself back up, dusted myself off and I kept on keeping on. I appreciate you guys! Thank you for your kindness and encouragement.
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    You are a human being going through some extraordinary circumstances. If you had a meltdown and ate some mini-donuts, well, so be it. It's just a blip in the bigger picture.

    I have definitely had those freak-out points during my weight-loss efforts. I've had them and then still lost weight, I've had them and stayed the same, I've had them and gained. But I kept on going.

    The grey area you're seeking is found in radical self-love and compassion. Yes, you are human; Yes you're under stress, and yes, you can keep showing up for yourself as much as possible.
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    May of us have a pattern of overeating in reaction to much less than this...that's why we got overweight to begin with! The key word here is pattern. A one time event like this is not worth feeling bad about. It happens. If you start noticing that you are doing it more frequently, you are probably going to have to actively find another coping mechanism to turn to. Meditation and prayer is pretty wonderful IMO. 🙏