Anyone else have a "rewards" system for themselves?

One of the things I've done to motivate myself and make the weight loss process feel a little more fun is decide on rewards that I will get to have when I hit certain milestones. Currently I plan to get myself a big "treat" for each 1/4 of my weight loss goal that I achieve. At the 25% mark I get a new phone, at 50% I get new walking/running/hiking shoes (whatever I happen to be into at that point), at 75% I get a spa day (haircut, spray tan, teeth whitening, mani pedi), and when I reach my goal weight I get a shopping spree for new clothes!

Anyone else use something like this, and how do you have yours structured?


  • asthesoapturns
    asthesoapturns Posts: 313 Member
    My halfway to goal reward was new walking shoes I was eyeing. My goal weight reward was a Pandora charm. Since I'm still losing I guess I could pick some new goal reward. Hmm.
  • slytherclawpride
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    Yes, I had multiple rewards along my weight loss/fitness journey. First, I made sure that I had everything I needed to get me started such as sports bras and exercise gear from discounted stores like Ross. I say this because my favorite reward is a new cute sports bra (I workout at home, and I basically like comfy sweatshorts as bottoms, though I do have a exercise tank top and a pair of sweatpants for when I go out on walks or stay at a hotel that has a gym). For my reward sports bras, I focus on getting a cute print or pattern and take my time shopping around for one. Different for when I shop for one because the ones I have are now too loose and I need ones that fit. Even though I workout at home, it's still fun to have a cute new sports bra.

    I also gave myself other things such as a new fun nail polish color, and a fancy pen to write in my weight loss journal with. Just whatever I was eyeing at the time, but didn't need at all.

    Now that I'm in that place where I'm debating whether I want to lose those last 5-10 lbs. or just want to maintain, I'm not sure when my next reward will be. I know it's going to be a whole new wardrobe though. Maybe not all at once, but little by little.

    Though to be honest, being in a normal weight range is reward enough. I feel so much better, and the problems I was having before with my flat feet and excess weight on my knees have gone down dramatically and that feels great.

    Mine was structured by losing sizes (this was back when I didn't weigh myself but only focused on clothes sizes). Every size I lost, I would get a reward. That's what worked for me.
  • springlering62
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    Leggings. More leggings. Eventually, all the leggings.

    And some cool fringed ankle boots for two year milestone.

    Spent yesterday morning pulling out leggings I’ve ....hmmmm.... what’s the opposite of outgrown?!
  • pmalexis_
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    I love this idea! I'll have to try it out :)
  • MeteoraTitanium
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    Love this. I used to be in the gym nearly every day so I live in the shower lol, rewards were something like updating fluffy bath towels, shower mats and nice moisturisers and smell nice stuff.
    New trainers, new leggings (all the time) and last week new hair colour. 👍😁
  • JessBbody
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    To build on the leggings comment, I'm buying myself a new pair of lululemon leggings with a gift card I got last Christmas when I hit my mini goal of 150. I'm only 2 lbs away!

    When I hit 145 I'm buying myself a whole new outfit to wear to the Scots Festival (provided it happens) which is my motivation (or "petty" reason) for reaching that goal.
    I'll buy either pants or jeans a size down from where I am now, a top, and a new pair of boots.

    I don't yet know what I'll buy when I hit my goal weight of 135! It's gotta be something big!