FOR LADIES - Monthly question??

Hey ladies, ok i am wondering if any of you notice that once a month around 'the time' lol - that you put on extra weight. It seems every month when it comes around i gain about 4-5 lbs...This is driving me crazy, it makes me feel fatter, makes me feel like i am not working hard enough. ijust feel discouraged at that time every month, i dont like that...

Does this happen to anyone else? & is there a way i can cahnge it or lessin the amount i gain at this time... :(


  • NicolCook
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    It happened to me until I started drinking more water. I try to get a gallon a day in during that week and I haven't gained for the last 3-4 periods.

    Good luck!
  • AlyRoseNYC
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    Just to warn you...prepare for the people who fish around the forums looking for posts to troll.

    But the reason is mostly due to water weight. Your body will retain a lot more water during that week. My suggestion would be majorly increasing your water intake. I never gain during my period because I am extra strict about everything I do that week, since I know it is my most vulnerable time. Good luck and remember DRINK DRINK DRINK that water. And don't cave into the cravings!
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    It is normal for me I am usualy 5 pounds more, but I know to avoid the scale around that time
  • Yep! Big time.

    Not sure there is anything we can do about it. For me, if I don't "pig" due to cravings and hormones during that time, the weight is just water retention and it goes away again once it is over and done with.

    I still greatly dislike it. But, I am learning to live with it, expect it, and not beat myself up over it. Nothing I can do about it, it is just part of being a woman.

    But, I sympathize deeply.

  • beckystephens
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    Water retention. Thats the extra weight. Not much can be done about it. Just know it will happen and make peace with it.
  • Lots of water and really pay attention to your sodium intake. It's hidden in foods you would not even think of. Hope this helps!
  • ilookthetype
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    There are a million threads about this, lots of info if you use the search function. Also, google has a lot of info too...
  • cladou2
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    I agree that drinking water and watching sodium intake is the key. I don`t know about other ladies, but have ya`ll noticed lighter menstruation? I know this may be TMI, but they use to be REALLY heavy, but since I started working out and drinking water, I only had two heavy days and the rest were very light. Let me know what you think...
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    reeally this happens?
  • AlsDonkBoxSquat
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    Yes, if you search for other posts you'll find this is a common issue.
  • starracer23
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    What is this "time of month" that you are speaking about??
  • lizziebeth1028
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    There are a million threads about this, lots of info if you use the search function. Also, google has a lot of info too...

    What she said. This subject is discussed in multiple threads daily. I always thought it was common knowledge that women gain weight during that time. Apparently not.
  • AlyRoseNYC
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    Really, if we had only one thread for every single topic of discussion, then the forums would be empty. MFP has been around for about six years. I'm sure that every single new thread that pops up daily has already been posted. Maybe we should just stop posting! lol
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    Yes-- I totally agree! I definitely gain weight up to a week PRIOR to my monthly. It can be very discouraging! Stay hydrated, eat well, and continue to excercise. I try not to weigh myself during this time because it can be misleading.
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    Maybe you are a werewolf.
  • LittleD311
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    Ive been told that you can gain up to 10lbs when TOM comes, so I wouldnt weigh in until after your done! Thats what happened to me!
  • first you should drink as little water as possible...that will help lessen the water gain. I also find that drinking beer (because it has a diuretic in it) helps with the water gain too.

    I hope this helps!
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    *bangs head on desk repeatedly.
  • Crystal_Rudolph
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    I wish I could help you hun, but I am one of the lucky ones that does not gain or plataeu during that time. ((((HUGS))))
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    *bangs head on desk repeatedly.

    me too
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