Struggling to get going

What an rough few months it’s have been. A few years ago I lost around 25lbs with WW. A few years before that I had lost about 30lbs with WW. Recently my weight has been steadily raising. I tried to go back to WW, but I’m finding it extremely hard to stay on plan. I simply don’t want the food. So I’m trying MFP again. My feet, knees, back hurt. I feel like a sausage packed into my own skin. I’m currently 212 and know I can back below 200 and start to feel better. I would love some friends to help keep the motivation going.


  • Chris_J99
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    Hang in there. COVID has been tough on the whole world and we are all being told to get used to a new normal.
    Keep logging those foods and try to do as much exercise as you’re allowed...
  • ninerbuff
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    It's really just a matter of putting your foot down. For many COVID just let their eating behaviors get worse. So weight gain. But like anything other behavior, it can be changed IF ONE IS CONSISTENT in doing it. You just have to make the decision to and do it.

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  • ladyzherra
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    This is a tough time. Life can be a tough journey. You are not alone in this. I overeat and struggle, too. But you can learn ways through that are sustainable for you. Don't give up!
  • annliz23
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    You CAN do it but it takes time but so worth it. Just log your food, regular exercise and persevere, add friends I have found that helps too!
  • theyoyoer
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    C'mon chap you've got this!