Restarting after baby- looking for friends

Hi all! I’m a stay at home mom and I just had our fourth child. I’ve been on MyFitnessPal for awhile and I had lost about 60 lbs pre-pregnancy . I took a break during pregnancy and gained some back. Now I’m ready to start losing again but I’ve lost a lot of friends on here due to my inactivity. Looking for others trying to lose weight and be supportive for each other. Bonus points if there are other moms on here! Feel free to add me 😊


  • TiffanyPe17
    TiffanyPe17 Posts: 107 Member
    I don’t know how to add friends but feel free to add me! I also just had a baby, our second, a month ago. I’m itching to get back to working out, but I have two more weeks to go.
  • mallorystuman
    mallorystuman Posts: 1 Member
    I just had twins in August. I lost 40 pounds in 2014 and gained 60 with my first daughter in 2018. I had only lost 25 when I found out I was pregnant with twins. So here I am, 65 pounds heavier than I was in 2014. Just started today and hoping to stay motivated.
  • sutralotus
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    Hi I'm also a mom of four. I'd love to have other moms that we can help motivate each other.
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Feel free to add me ... I am a mom but I have an adult kid and a teenager ...Wishing you much success :)
  • SammiGirl1321
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    Hi I’m a stay at home mom to three. I have a three year old and I had a baby last year in January and lost 50 pounds. I just had my third baby October 1st and have to start all over again! I’m so ready to get back on track and lose this weight. I have a Peleton I’ve been dying to get on and I’ve just started tracking my calories again. I’m trying to be gracious with my calories since I’m breastfeeding. I’ve lost the weight once I’m determined to do it again!
  • qhob_89
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    Hi there! I’m back on MFP for the 35th time since I originally joined in 2015. I’m starting from scratch since covid/quarantine has really kicked my butt (and made it bigger! Lol). I had awesome success back when I originally joined after having my 3rd kiddo in late 2014. I was successful because I had a group of mom friends that were keeping me accountable, so I’m also looking for some accountability buddies! It’s hard being a stay at home mom and focusing on your own health, fitness, and weight loss! Today is day 1 back on MFP; so I’m cleaning up my profile, setting up new goals, etc. I will definitely send you a friend request.
  • elizabethherberger
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    I am a mom and am working on losing the baby weight as well as pre-baby weight! My son is 4 years old and I had postpartum PTSD after a traumatic birth experience. It has taken me this long to be at a point to lose the weight. I started in December and am down 31 lbs so far. My goal is 75 total. Feel free to add me for support—I would love more friends on this journey!