Mom of 2 trying to Get Back to Myself

Hello everyone! Im looking for other moms who are working towards health after having their little ones! I’m BFing so I’m concerned about my supply but desperate to lose this weight!

Anyone else on this journey need a support buddy?


  • Charbos03
    Charbos03 Posts: 7 Member
    Me. I'm not BFing but I am a mom. I have really let myself slide during this pandemic with some awful habits.
  • kit_katty
    kit_katty Posts: 993 Member
    I'm actually TTC #2 but need to lose weight.
  • SammiGirl1321
    SammiGirl1321 Posts: 27 Member
    Hi! I just had my third baby on the 1st and I’m also breastfeeding. I lost 50 pounds last year by calorie counting and exercising. I have to start all over again and I’m determined to do it again. I haven’t found time in my schedule yet to get on my bike so I’m trying to focus on nutrition.
  • VeryKatie
    VeryKatie Posts: 5,867 Member
    I'm a mom of two, and maybe one or two more in the future. I have a 3 yr old and an almost 2 year old. I wasn't able to lose weight after my second while I was bfing (even though I could with my first) so here i am. I have 4 to 9 lbs left to lose... though ttc may start before I get there.
  • MandiSaysHey
    MandiSaysHey Posts: 304 Member
    My son is 10, but I gained weight during my years as a young single mom and never have gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I am currently 115 days into this journey and 3.8lbs shy of the weight I was when I found myself pregnant in 2009. NOwhere near my ultimate goal but I am excited to be nearing my first mini goal. I welcome any other mom friends, or even those who arent moms but need some support or friendship.