Joining the gym! Tips?

Good morning!

My best friend and I signed up for memberships at Anytime Fitness last night and plan to go for the first time on Wednesday. I am looking for cool apps for workouts, tracking, etc. beyond MFP. Any suggestions?

Also, what would you say was the biggest thing you learned when joining a gym?



  • SnifterPug
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    Anytime have an app that seems pretty good. I haven't used it much myself as I do my own programming in conjunction with a PT, but certainly have a look at it.

    The biggest thing I learned is that nobody is looking at you or judging you so just enjoy your workout without worrying what others might think. I also learned that it is a really good idea to get input from the gym staff on how all the machines work rather than just trying to figure it out yourself.

  • Chef_Barbell
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    Having a program and knowing what I am going to be doing that day helps me immensely. I tend to get easily distracted and don't want to be those that wander nomadic style from place to place at the gym.
  • Southernfit87
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    Take your time and try to stay consistent, listen to your body. Wish you luck on your progress!
  • ThomasJCasella
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    Start slow. Your central nervous system needs to adapt to the added stress before your musculoskeletal system can really shine. I recommend sticking to ‘beginner’ routines, going light and focusing on form (don’t be afraid to watch a ton of form videos for every exercise you’re unfamiliar with even right before you do them). I still do it all the time to avoid injury and make sure I’m activating the correct muscles. Really allow adequate rest in between each workout (48-72 hours depending on the workout plan you like and follow); eager to see gains we tend to think we need to workout more and more, but rest is just as important to rebuild those torn muscle fibers and remove built up lactic acid. Also diet is ESSENTIAL, even more important than what you do at the gym. Take it from me, I’m a newbie and 90% of the work I do is outside the gym, and I’m seeing fast, measurable results every week. These beginner gains will begin to fade and progress will become slower, which is fine, but once you see a complete plateau for a few weeks, you’re ready for an intermediate workout program that ramps up your workouts. I follow a beginner routine that only includes compound exercises (it’s the most bang for your buck) as you don’t really need to isolate smaller muscle groups right now.

    Lastly, I recommend light warm ups before you workout (not static stretching because research has shown that can lead to increased risk of injury), But static stretching after you work out and even throughout the day thereafter and even when you wake up in the morning is very beneficial. Loss of mobility, which can be common in many of us, can lead to injury. Stretching has many benefits, including increasing blood flow, improving flexibility, and removing metabolic wastes from the muscle.

    By no means am I a professional and it’s just my 2 cents, but I use to lift a lot when I was younger and I injured myself as a result of doing a lot of things wrong. I’ve tried to learn a thing or two from my mistakes to prevent them from happening again.
  • Onedaywriter
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    - Go and keep going! Even when it’s cold out, or raining, or you are behind on laundry or that big report is due. Consistency is key!
    - Do stuff you enjoy along with stuff you want to try and stuff you feel you “need.” Too many folks focus on what they are good at and never explore other stuff because of the learning curve. But some of the most fulfilling accomplishments are from things you were terrible at and overcame.
    - Remember that everyone started somewhere. Some of the most super fit people in the gym started in terrible condition.
    - Don’t get down in yourself when you have a bad day. Sometimes just going and getting your body moving a little might be a big accomplishment. Other days you might feel like a superhero!

    I hope you enjoy this!!
  • sijomial
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    Sorry no idea as I prefer to learn from people and from experience. Does your gym offer an intro and training plan set up? (If yes, have a serious think about setting some definite goals before the consultation.)
    Only training app I've seen when I trained with my daughter was really poor, badly structured and over-complex workouts.

    I agree with the sentiments from @IronIsMyTherapy - for the last few months I've been mentoring a 60 YO woman with no previous lifting experience and she's loving weight training now and thrilled to be seeing her strength go up and body change. Her confidence in the gym has gone through the roof, "I can't do that" has changed to "I will do that".

    Overall would say try everything - there may be one or more things that really hit the spot for you and become favourites for life.
  • sgt1372
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    If u are new to the gym:

    1) Learn what each piece of equipment is designed 2 do and how 2 use it. Ask for advice and assistance from staff

    2) Decide what your SPECIFIC goals & needs are and wc equipment best serves those needs/goals. Also ask 4 staff for advice and assistance in this regard

    3) ignore the noise and UNSOLICITED advice from others and focus on your specific needs and goals and DON'T worry about what others think or say, as long as you are are clear about what ur goals/needs r and u know (based in ur search and the advice of PROFESSIONALS) wc equipment will best meet ur goals & needs.

    4) if you've done1-3, don"t worry about what anyone else thinks or says to u in the gym.

    There are a lot of self-appointed EXPERTS in gyms who think they know it all (when they don't) especially men who think they "need" to give advice 2 women who don't ask 4 their advice.

    Take it from a man who has spent a lot of times in gyms in the past and wh has seen it happen more than once.

    Good luck!
  • Gisel2015
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    Gyms are open in your area????
  • CipherZero
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    Biggest thing about gyms: The overwhelming majority of gym-goers are paying no attention at all to you and your workout.
  • BrianSharpe
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    The biggest thing I learned was that I hated going to gyms (more a case of hating to wait for a equipment) so I bought my own for at home.

    All kidding aside the other valuable thing I learned was that a couple of sessions with a knowledgeable personal trainer is money well spent; go over your fitness goals, get your current level assessed and a program designed that will move you towards your goals.
  • cgvet37
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    Number one is having a program to follow. That way you know what to do, and don't waste time. Plus it will help with your progession.