Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 131



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    @SModa61 and @CamandJarvis — I was just thinking yesterday about training again for a race, more for the training than the race. I ran several 5Ks and 10Ks and a half marathon in 2015-17, but have gotten out of shape/practice. Maybe we could egg each other on! I haven’t searched the virtual events yet — do you have any good links in the meantime? I’m not sure how it will go when winter weather hits, but a goal might motivate me. (Training for the half was grueling, but I did it. Time to get off my lazy COVID butt!)

    Sorry I'm late responding! I like virtualrunningclub.com because they will only send you a finisher's medal if you input your finish time - its keeps me honest. Sometimes I've broken it up into two sections, added time together and submitted. Sometimes I've done it in one go. Either way, I have to submit a time to receive the medal I paid for. You can opt in for a medal if you'd like, same with shirt and customized bib (I think a regular bib is free if you sign up) or you can opt out of it all, completely up to you. I personally just do free bib and a medal to hang on my wall.

    I've also done runs from flexitpink.com but that's for specific charities I want to support.
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    @SModa61 You should enter a 5K! I did my first at about your age and weight. There was the option to walk or run. I’m not a runner and it took me about an hour. I did a few more over the years and just aimed to get a slightly better time each time. You can do it!

    @quiltingjaine I was looking into them last night. Right now they are all virtual, which is a little different, but also, maybe not so bad. thanks for the encouragement

    Wonder if we could do a virtual 5K from this group? Maybe we pick a week and those who want to, walk or run (I'd be walking it) wherever they wish, but we "train" for it together. Then anytime within a week (or maybe a 10 days) we pick a day to do our 5K when the weather is decent wherever we live, and we celebrate together. I need to be training for something, that's for sure.

    I actually really love this idea! I'd probably walk/run in depending on how I'm feeling (yay changing weather :| )
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    @HoopsGuy72 If I remember correctly, any color on the pee sticks indicates ketones are present. The problem is they measure ketones that your body is throwing off. Once you become fat adapted, they will have no reaction because your body is running on ketones not sugar. I believe with the sticks I had, darker was better BUT the color can change because you are dehydrated also. I finally bought a meter and strips which requires a finger prick. It’s expensive and I DO test daily but that is my choice.

    I’m so glad you’re back! Hope things are getting better there. I have totally quit reading any info about COVID and the election. Enough said.
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    Female 6'0

    CSW: 291

    11/03: DNW
    11/05: 291
    11/06: 290.4 (-.6 oz) ⬇️
    11/07: 290.4 ↔️ No loss is better than a gain! 😊

    11/08: 290.2 (-0.2 oz) ⬇️ still losing at a tortoise pace 🐢 Very slowly. But at least I'm losing and not gaining. 🙂 Trying to stay positive. Won't be weighing in tomorrow or posting. it's a very busy day for me will be back Tuesday.
    11/09: DNW
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    Round 131

    Age: 39
    Height: 5’ 3”
    SW: 163
    CW: 144.4
    GW: 140
    UGW: 125

    GW for this round: 142.5

    Round 126 (1): 156 to 153.2 (-2.8 lbs)
    Round 127 (2): 153.2 to 150.4 (-2.8 lbs)
    Round 128 (3): 150.4 to 148.0 (-2.4 lbs)
    Round 129 (4): 148.0 to 146.0 (-2.0 lbs)
    Round 130 (5): 146.0 to 144.4 (-1.6 lbs)

    Goals for this round:
    - Lose 2 lbs
    - Meal prep breakfast for at least 6 days
    - Add Just Dance 2020 to morning workout 4-5x a week to increase cardio on top of Ring Fit strength exercises

    11/03 - 143.8 - Ok, I think I’m back to my normal trend after Halloween. I’m really, really anxious about the election today here in the US though, and it will be a struggle all day not to eat those feelings.

    11/04 - 141.6 - Well, that was another “wait, what the...?” moment on the scale this morning. I’d be ecstatic if some of this loss stays around, but I think a chunk of it is due to not being able to eat much of anything yesterday afternoon/evening. Still, by breaking 143 I have now officially lost 20 lbs!

    11/05 - 142.4 - Completely expected that bump back up; I was going to be happy with anything under 143. I ordered my “reward” workout outfit (for getting to 145) a week or so ago and it should be arriving in the next day or two. I can’t wait for it to get here - I just hope it fits!

    11/06 - 141.6 - And back down again! Wow, I might make it to 140 before Thanksgiving (which would be awesome). Noticing more definition in my arms and legs, which is really encouraging.

    11/07 - 141.8 - Beautiful sunny fall day - cool and crisp. Hope to go for a nice walk later today. I’d been trying for the past few days to watch the moment the election was called... and I missed it by minutes since I was exercising this morning. 😂. Oh well! Made it to the last world on Ring Fit - hopefully can beat the final boss before the end of this round.

    11/08 - DNW - I went out and got doughnuts for the family this morning, so I skipped my workout and usual weigh-in time. I limited myself to half a doughnut and a few doughnut holes, and will get back to regular tracking for lunch and dinner. Hopefully I can also fit in some exercise this afternoon- but it felt great to relax, indulge and celebrate a bit.

    11/09 -
    11/10 -
    11/11 -
    11/12 -
    11/13 -