Just Give Me 10 Days ~ Round 131



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    11/10: 190.5 / It’s officially a trend in the wrong direction. I’m not sure this is the focus I was was looking for when I joined this thread, but despite logging all the food I’m eating, I’m not tracking to my macros the way I had been. I’m enjoying the extra energy the calories are providing, but not using that energy in a productive way to lose weight. Hurricane Eta has been throwing shade across the state for a few days, keeping me and my skinny tires off the road. Two days left to turn this around…


    Few things, for me I am using the group here for accountability with regard to my changes in weight and encouraging me to monitor it which is key for me. But as for the minutia of what is contributing to my losses, I am also in three other group. Yes, I am doing 4 challenges to help get me make healthy habits natural again. I am in the UAC challenge which requires staying under daily calorie goal, daily tracking, and 20 minutes of daily exercise. In my case, I am currently not eating back my exercise calories but will at some point add a portion in. For the challenge, you can miss 3 days out of the month. I did october successfully and november has potential for success as I am planning ahead for speed bumps. I also am in a 24 hours challenge where I need to accomplish 24 hours of exercise in a month, and then another smaller one on planking.

    As for your other comments about your macros and scale response, I have certainly learned over the years that I could have comparable calories of pasta one night and steak the other with both days being "under" on my calories. Day after pasta is a guaranteed temporary up. But I have learned that and only learned that because of daily tracking and daily weighing of myself. This weekend, Hubby had one drink and a few munchie items, but was under on calories. He was up 2 lb the next day. Was gone the following. Think of this as an opportunity to learn about yourself. Glad you are in the group and glad you are talking about your frustrations. You will get through!
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    Double post, sorry.