Finding organization

Has anyone else noticed as the organize thier nutritional life they are inherently improving thier home,car,financial organization as well? I'm noticing myself not only making better food choices but also better choices with my time. Tell me your story!!


  • angelexperiment
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    I think you might like the minimalist life Facebook group. You know getting organized in all aspects I think leads to less anxiety more free time! I find I have more free time that normally I spend eating and now I try to organize something. It leads me to happier space bc I love a clear area. I too like to organize my foods in cupboards or fridge ( I’ve always liked to do this) and it’s so easy to find what you are looking for. I’m far from minimalist but I work towards it bc it makes me feel more free if that makes sense? It’s very hard at first for me and still I struggle bc I want to beat my mentality I was raised with I might need it so I save it. Like size 12 clothes from 20 years ago. One day I got rid of all my one day weight loss clothes and it felt so good! And I freed up my whole closet! That was a nice feeling.
  • angelexperiment
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    Oh and I am learning a lot about different teas in my new free time! And coffee cause I like to make a fancy drink!
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    Yes! I'm taking control over all aspects of my life. Feels so good :smile:
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    Absolutely! I schedule my fitness, work out what I'm going to eat based on that, and shop once every 4 or so days. I'm really organised on so many levels that I have more time for other things. It's worth the investment of thought to do this
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    I'll go the other way. Getting organized with personal financial management has helped my personal weight management. Learning to use a budget, plan every penny before it's spent and stick to the plan has help me use MFP as a budget, plan every calorie before its eaten and to stick to it.