Losing 100 lbs or more?—Looking for Buddies

Hi everyone! I’m just getting back into regular food tracking. I’ve got a little over 100 pounds to lose. I am looking for an accountability buddy. I would genuinely like to get to know some of you and help keep each other on track. If anyone is looking for a friend for accountability I’d love to chat.


  • joybelles
    joybelles Posts: 2 Member
    Hi! Count me in :) I've 60-70lbs to lose and would love an accountability buddy. I'd love someone I could check in with a few times a week. Will email later as about to leave for the dentist! Hope your day goes really well, Where do you live - I'm in Southern England
  • teresaa1860
    teresaa1860 Posts: 18 Member
    Hey there, I am also looking for an accountability friend. I am 28, and started losing weight around 3 years ago. At my highest I was at 272, and I got down to 160. Over the last year though I have really struggled and am back up to 190. Ideally I would like to be 150. So, although I don't have 100 to lose right now, I have before, and still have a lot to lose. Message me if you'd like to chat more!
  • aoife888
    aoife888 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi, I’m new to this and also looking for the same. The last few years the weight slowly crept up on me. Emotional and stress eating, I just made all the excuses. It was how I dealt with things. This year with lock down early in the year I ate the house down. Worked from home and never left the house. I knew I had really put on weight then as clothes started not fitting but wasn’t until I stood on the scales approximately two months ago I got a fright. Returned to the office and nothing fit me!! Briefly tried slimming world but didn’t end up sticking to it. The fright I got didn’t last and ended up back to my usual eating habits. I commute over an hour to work and my job is office based so I sit all day. By the time I get home I can’t find motivation to exercise or even cook properly. Too tired and I love to cook! I know exercise is key for me as well as healthy eating so definitely looking for a buddy to support and be supported :)
  • TheChunkyJawa
    TheChunkyJawa Posts: 18 Member
    Hello! I am on my journey to lose over 200! Feel free to add me 😊
  • conniewilkins56
    conniewilkins56 Posts: 3,271 Member
    There is a group on MFP called Larger Losers for people who need to lose more than 75 lbs....it is a wonderful group of motivated and supportive people...I have lost 101 lbs the past 18 months!....I love the Larger Loser group and you are welcome to join!
  • Suelbee85
    Suelbee85 Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in. Starting a journey to shed 170!
  • RuthBeaM
    RuthBeaM Posts: 1 Member
    I'm on my way. I had 80 to lose and get out of diabetes zone (praying). I've lost 13. Please feel free to add me!
  • chantellmustoe
    chantellmustoe Posts: 13 Member
    same here.x I have around 70 to lose. Just started.x
  • Nells_071
    Nells_071 Posts: 3 Member
    Same here. Looking for friends. 😊