Need to lose 100lb want to come along for the ride?

Have a 100lb to lose over the next year. Willing to put the hard work in just need a support crew. Want to do it with me?


    LGS_RFS Posts: 78 Member
    Send me a FR. would like to be part of your support group.
  • levesque85
    levesque85 Posts: 5 Member
    I need to lose about 100lbs as well. Want to be my accountabilibuddy?
  • saraabadie71
    saraabadie71 Posts: 2 Member
    I to need to lose 100 pounds in a year....wanna donor together ?
  • TheChunkyJawa
    TheChunkyJawa Posts: 18 Member
    I am on my journey to lose over 200! Feel free to add me.
  • jottman0728
    jottman0728 Posts: 5 Member
    I am also on this journey in total would like to lose 140 lbs. Feel free to add me as well
  • JaneAero
    JaneAero Posts: 94 Member
    edited November 2020
    I also want to lose 100, will send you all friends requests.
    I'm 61, dk if it's doable in a year, but I'll give it a good try!
    Eta I don't know how to send friend requests, lol, but people are welcome to send me requests
  • forbej1588
    forbej1588 Posts: 2 Member
    Hi... I’m trying to lose 50, I’d love to be part of your group, if anyone wants to invite me. Thanks
  • FlSouthpaw
    FlSouthpaw Posts: 11 Member
    I have the same goal of 100+ pounds before I turn 50 in February... I'm at 83 lbs down now... you can do it...
  • Butterfly_Ninja3
    Butterfly_Ninja3 Posts: 32 Member
    Same!!! I need to lose at least 80lbs. Once I get to that loss I will see how it goes to lose more. This year with the Covid has put a huge hurting on me mentally. I'm trying to change my mindset so I can get right enough to lose weight. Feel free to add me as well if any of you would like an accountability buddy! I always respond and log every day. :smile:
  • julielydia83
    julielydia83 Posts: 3 Member
    I have 100+ to lose, just started this week. I would love any and all friends to keep me motivated, and on track.
  • isobutterfly
    isobutterfly Posts: 9 Member
    Feel free to add me ladies. 🥰
  • ChristinaLuree
    ChristinaLuree Posts: 5 Member
    I'm new here and not sure how to add friends yet lol but I also need to lose over 100lbs happy to have new friends and a support group along the way!
  • ThinWithGreatSkin
    ThinWithGreatSkin Posts: 10 Member
    I’m on a goal of 100lbs to lose let’s be accountability friends!
  • KimL122
    KimL122 Posts: 148 Member
    I need to lose about you all can add me
  • josijeremie
    josijeremie Posts: 4 Member
    I want to lose about 40 so all in
  • conniewilkins56
    conniewilkins56 Posts: 3,391 Member
    Join the Larger Losers group on MFP....if you need to lose 75+ pounds, it is a great group of motivated and dedicated losers....I have lost 101 lbs the last 18 months and I still have 50-60 to is a very supportive and helpful group...feel free to challenges or contests, only good advice and friendly people with the same goals and problems losing larger amounts of weight!
  • frankwbrown
    frankwbrown Posts: 11,841 Member
    I am also on a journey to lose 100 pounds and am 40% of the way there after 20 weeks (started July 10th).
    I would welcome having others to encourage and to get encouragement from, so feel free to add me.
    P.S. I created a Google chart to track my progress. Here it is: My Weight Loss Project
  • littleflutterby
    littleflutterby Posts: 432 Member
    Hey! I started with 200lb to lose. I now I have about 165 to go!

    Last month I joined in a weight loss challenge group and honestly, it's been really fun. Not sure if it's your cuppa tea but the new month actually starts tomorrow. So if you fancy joining go here

    and sign up! I'm in the downsizers group but honestly they're all pretty cool :)

    If not, still feel free to send a f/r and we can support each other!