Any Peloton App Users?

I started when they raised the free-trial to 30 days vs. the week it used to be. I wish I had gotten the 90-day they gave during the start of COVID. But I LOVE the app.

Any others?
Favorite rides/instructors?

I love Denis Morton - it is fun to ride with Emma Lovewell and Cody Rigsby too.


  • VegasFit
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    I'm an app user. Discovered it at the start of Covid so I did get the free 90 days. I was borrowing a bike during Covid but I missed it so much I bought one. My fave cycle instructor is Alex. As far as strength I don't remember their names and just filter by medium weights and difficulty level.
  • hist_doc
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    I own the bike (bought in 2016) but use the app for running (followed their marathon training plan last year) and strength training. Peloton gets a bad rap for being expensive but I feel it’s more than worth the money. My friends pay 3x what I do for a gym membership that they barely use. Four years later, I’m still making use of the app or bike every day.
  • carriestrine
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    I have a peloton bike and use the app. I am hooked, and I credit most of my 25lb loss since March to the purchase.

    My inner goth girl LOVES Christine D'ercole's dark wave rides, but also the interval training method she uses always seems to push me to a personal best.

    I also am an Emma Lovewell fan. Cody Rigsby is great for a fun ride but I never get personal bests or seem to push myself enough.
  • itsmegina
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    I have the bike, but use the app for strength, yoga and stretching. Yes, it’s expensive but so, so worth it for me. I gave up on Orange Theory when gyms here closed and Peloton has me in much better shape than OTF. I love being able to work out on my schedule too and I find I put in more time exercising and more variety as well.

    I also love Christine for her music (prob because she’s close to my age - ha!)
    Hannah F is one of my new favorites, she gets me to push myself harder than anyone else and she seems to get just as sweaty as me, which is to say a lot. I like to see the instructors working out hard like I am
    I actually got hooked on Peloton by Robin - I usually don’t go for lots of motivational talk but man, she really motivates me and pushes me along. I love to be reminded that “we don’t have to do this, we GET to do this”

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  • HilTri
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    I LOVE Matt Wilpers 90 minute rides. I am going to do a bunch of them back to back to do a century.
  • SpinforCals
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    Denis Sam Yo Emma and Cody. Ally Love Ben. All so good