I need people to help me stay focused

I’m ready to get serious... again
But none of my family or friends are wanting to work on themselves like me. So I was hoping some of y’all could help me stay more committed, because it seems to be so much easier when you aren’t alone with the struggles.


  • jiujitsudad15118
    jiujitsudad15118 Posts: 462 Member
    Want me to smack food outta your hands?? I’ll do it!
  • Sammileann1314
    Sammileann1314 Posts: 13 Member
    Want me to smack food outta your hands?? I’ll do it!

    That’s what I really need 🤣
  • Erswim10
    Erswim10 Posts: 134 Member
    Feel free to add me if you'd like!
  • nbarbour10016
    nbarbour10016 Posts: 2 Member
    We can lean on each other. I don't have the support at home as well and it's tough. I believe my mind is finally in the right frame.
  • lisachmitchell
    lisachmitchell Posts: 28 Member
    Love to connect and motivate each other. I’m back on after a few months off. Need to keep logging and connected to stay motivated!!
  • kimberlymace
    kimberlymace Posts: 1 Member
    Feeling the same as all of you. Ready to dig in and do the work, but friends & family not in the same place at the moment. Would love to support others and receive support along the way.
  • mks0720
    mks0720 Posts: 11 Member
    Would love support!
  • chasitystiff9397
    chasitystiff9397 Posts: 25 Member
    Would support
  • Nfit3270
    Nfit3270 Posts: 4 Member
    Would love to support!. Already loose 4 kg but gain back again because some university stress :". I am also alone in my family cause I am the heaviest here. Let's do this for our self love!.
  • Nfit3270
    Nfit3270 Posts: 4 Member
    I am a girl btw, feel free to add me
  • KristiCastro27
    KristiCastro27 Posts: 31 Member
    I am in the same boat. Feel free to add me. I would love the support as well.
  • TheChunkyJawa
    TheChunkyJawa Posts: 18 Member
    I am on what will be a years long journey to lose 240ish pounds, would love to get and give support! 🍻
  • RiaStartingOver
    RiaStartingOver Posts: 25 Member
    I am happy to offer support and take it too. Please feel free to add me.
  • bluedreams83
    bluedreams83 Posts: 567 Member
    I understand how it is to have no support at home. I live with someone who doesn’t care about what they eat and always wants to order takeout or go to a drive through. I feel like it’s so easy for me to get back into my old habits. Feel free to add me 😊
  • The_Elephant_Man
    The_Elephant_Man Posts: 191 Member
    @bluedreams83 You have to do it for you and NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF! You can do this!
  • 69labman
    69labman Posts: 45 Member
    feel free to add me
  • tomekiat2018
    tomekiat2018 Posts: 3 Member
    I can support, starting over myself