Geeks with 50+ Adipose to Lose! Where are you at?

Hey geeks!

I'm Michelle and I've been using MFP for about five weeks and am looking to join (or start) a small group of likeminded geeks that are in this for the long haul and have a substantial amount of weight to lose. I'm a geek at heart and am looking to connect with others that would like to intersperse this new (or old) journey with a little geeky motivation.



  • thebiblewithtina
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    I read the topic as 'Greeks with 50+ Adipose to Lose' and wondered why only the Greeks, lol.
  • I read the topic as 'Greeks with 50+ Adipose to Lose' and wondered why only the Greeks, lol.

    :D I'd be hip to Greek Geeks, too!!

  • AndreaTamira
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    50+ pounds? Or kg?

    My weight goal right now is "only" another 23 kg, but that is preliminary and I'd like to get down another 5 to 10 kg after this.

    So, if it's pounds I may, just about, qualify.

    Also, those Adipose are annoyingly cute and while I'd never take a pill where the "fat walks away" (literally... yikes!), I do have an Adipose plush.. or more like Squish, because it is all squishy and not very plushy.
  • @AndreaTamira all are welcome; it was more about me looking for geeks that were in this for the long haul that might be able to better relate to each other. Someone with 5# to lose might not relate in the same way as someone that is making a radicle lifestyle change <3

    And, I'm in the same boat...I don't want my fat to get up and leave me in the middle of the night :D
  • AndreaTamira
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    Ah, that makes sense. I sometimes overthink very simple things too much, to the point that I overcomplicate them and tie myself into knots. - Sorry about that.

    I sometimes wonder if I had taken a, apparently everywhere reported to work perfectly, weight loss cure like in that episode. Probably not till it had been out for a few years (with long term effects studied and all that), but you never know. If one feels desperate enough...
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    Hi😁, this is my first post in the forums. I am working with a bariatric doctor to get me down to surgery wieght.
    I'm also disabled and many of my health problems have to do with my wieght. I've been trying and it just feels like I'm not getting anywhere. I lost 20 pounds and then covid hit. I've gained back 25. I'm having a lot of trouble with carbs.🍞🥞🥨🍝🍩
  • AndreaTamira
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    Hey there.

    It's great you are not giving up. That set back must suck so bad, but you are still here and fighting. That's a lot.
  • Jackie9003
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    I lost 70lbs but put a lot back on during lockdown, I still need to lose 70lbs...

    I'm not super geeky but at my wedding I had a tardis and a dancing dalek 🙂
  • lilithsrose
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    My goal is to lose 80 to 100 pounds. I'm definitely a geek. I love books, comics, videogames, and anime. I am also a fan of Doctor Who, which is why I opened this thread in the first place.
  • AndreaTamira
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    J_NY_Z wrote: »
    Physicist who works with lasers. Star Wars, Star Trek, all things space and time.

    That sounds cool, but what do you actually do with those lasers?

    I ones worked at a planetarium and observatory. The lasers used thee were just pointers to show you different things in the night sky.
  • fiveorsixgirls
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    Hi, I have 66 to lose. Although I truly am a dork.
  • __TMac__
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    Hi! I think I meet both criteria: looking to get healthy and being nerdy.

    Proof: Bullet points.

    — 5’10”, 49yo. 10 lbs down, 30 to go. That won’t get me quite to the ideal BMI, but I’ll reassess when I get there. I’m not looking to wear a bikini. I’m looking to live a long, healthy life.*

    — We’re going in a Star Trek cruise in early 2022 for our 20th anniversary. But we’re not telling anyone it’s an ST cruise, lest we be mocked incessantly for the next year. We have to maintain some dignity. :)

    I’ve been with MFP for a long time, off and on. This is the way.

    * I tried to resist, but failed: “I’m looking to live long and prosper.”

    * Because resistance is futile.
  • Tanager13
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    Hi. The Adipose reference caught my attention. Great way to "find your tribe". I'm only aiming to lose 10 - 15 ( 2017 weight), but I just wanted to say hi. I'm a Doctor Who fan "through marriage" (didn't grow up with the show), but I have cosplayed a Weeping Angel on more than one occasion, so I think I've got some "geek cred", lol. Best of luck with your fitness journey.
  • __TMac__
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    Don’t blink! :)

    That was a terrifying episode.
  • Well, hi all!! When I’m at a computer, I’ll look into starting a small geeky group (nerds, dorks, all welcome❤️) whatever nomenclature one goes by!! It’s nice to meet you all!!
  • TheChunkyJawa
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    Hello All! As the name might give away, big time Star Wars fan. Watch it, play the games, do some Star Wars fan fiction writing, etc. Also love Star Trek, SeaQuest (If you know it, bonus points). I also love space, natural science, and am a weekend storm chaser, so weather.

    Starting this journey wanting to lose over 200 and am down a little over 15. Would love to connect with some like minded ladies and gents of the Geek/Nerd world!
  • becky1390
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    Hi! I'm a little late to the post, but also looking for like-minded people to share my journey with! Like most other people here, I love Star Wars haha. I'm a complete space nerd; the stars amaze me every night. I also have tattoos of the moon and an astronaut!
    My first goal is to lose 40 pounds, and then have a bit more to go after that. Unfortunately I've lost a lot, I've gained a lot, and I'd really like to stop that cycle for good! Add me as a friend if you'd like :)
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    geeks are cool! :)
  • SaturnsbestMoon
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    Heck yes Geekssss! WEIGHTLOSS FOR COSPLAY!!