56 and Desperate to Make a Change

I have tried every diet on this planet, and it was with My Fitness Pal that I once lost 30 pounds. Right now, I have Beach Body in my closet, Weight Watcher products, and Nutrisystem products. I'm not proud of this, but it is what it is. I have looked for quick and easy answers, and I am now back here on My Fitness Pal to change my life. I should have never left.
At 56 years old, and 5'6", I have climbed to 197 pounds; I want to be 165, and I am going to do it! I am determined to be healthy, walk easier, dress in my favorite jeans, and look good at both of my sons' weddings this year.
I'm so happy to be back here on My Fitness Pal.


  • AymanRuns
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    Congratulations on your sons weddings. Welcome back to FitnessPal.
  • moonangel12
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    Welcome back! I wish you luck on this journey!
  • The_Elephant_Man
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    @Wildflower1257 I have lost 55lb so far and need to lose another 30lb by counting calories and low carbs. Just log everything you put in your mouth and stay below your calorie goal each day and you will lose weight. You can do this! NEVER give up on yourself!
  • SLSexton2
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    I am right there with you!! I've gained and lost and gained and lost 4-6 times in my life. It is so hard on my body. As the scale creeps up again, and the carrot cake looks better than the running shoes, it is my sincere hope that I will be able to reverse the course this time. You've got my support Wildflower1257!!
  • slade51
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    Welcome back. You can do this.
  • coffeerose55
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    It is truly inspiring just to hear it CAN BE done. I am more than 56 :) I need to be consistent. I feel like a hot wheels car on and off so many time. Hang in there. We all can do this.
  • AnnPT77
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    You can do this! I started at only a tiny bit lighter than you (183 pounds at 5'5") and age 59 . . . back in 2015. In just under a year, I'd reached a goal weight in the mid-120s, and have stayed at a healthy weight since (128 this morning, with a bit of Christmas-indulgence puff-up going on, that I know is mostly water weight that will be gone in a few days).

    IMO, the best course is looking at weight loss as a way to experiment and practice manageable ways of eating and moving that help stay at a healthy weight permanently, while maintaining good overall life balance . . . in other words, realism, rather than tricksy "diets" that are framed as a project with an end date.

    Wishing you much success!
  • lauragreenbaum
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    You and I have a lot in common- I'm the same age; 5'3" and have climbed to 164 lbs. My goal is 135. I've been on diets including all the ones you listed on and off since I was in my mid 30's. But please give yourself credit for keeping at it. I think of it this way....what if I hadn't kept trying? I bet I'd weigh so much more now!

    So let's cheer each other on. Keep tracking, keep moving and don't beat yourself up when you're not perfect!
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    68 and starting again. Friends needed
  • springlering62
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    Welcome @Wildflower1257

    I started at 56, am now 58, and have lost 90 pounds. If I can do it, you can do it. I throw that out there not to brag, but to sincerely encourage you and let you know it can be done, with focus and determination.

    You can do this.

    Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you along your way.

    I would love every woman in this thread to find their power and their health again. ❤️❤️