Looking to stay on track

Hello - I just started logging my meals but finding it hard to stay on track especially throughout the Holidays. I'm struggling to find the time to log meals and wondered if anyone had advice on finding the time. Also looking for motivation to stay on course. Thank you


  • santini1975
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    How are you entering your food? Are you trying to figure it out manually, using the search, or scanning barcodes?
  • tmur09
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    Hi thank you for asking. I didn't realize you can scan barcodes. That would be a good timesaver. I use the search mostly and have my favorites. I work long hours and forget to log then try and play catch up. That makes it hard to remember everything.
  • springlering62
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    Verify the info on the barcodes. All daya here is user entered and some of it is inaccurate, or formulas have changed.

    If you eat the same foods often, MFP will store foods you’ve eaten in the last thirty days, as well as suggest foods you often combine.

    So I can enter “mixed greens” and it will
    Automatically pull up my last entry, as well as suggest my usual carrots, radishes, cherry tomatoes, salad dressings, feta and whatever meat I often top my salad with- and in the quantities I typically put on my salad.

    You can also create a recipe that you eat frequently and store it to recall easily. I always enter my recipes as “one serving” and then divide as need when I actually sits own to eat. So I might eat .25 serving of beef stew, or .05 of a pan of Mac and cheese.

    The more you use MFP, I promise, the easier it becomes.

    And it works if you put in the effort. I am living proof.
  • IWTBF67
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    It takes very little time to log! Make time! You deserve time to create a healthier you!