40+ Friends Starting Fresh 2021

I have quite a bit of weight to lose. It would be nice to connect with others my age who are serious about a life change. Let's make 2021 better than 2020!


  • IWTBF67
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    68 and starting over
  • DebbieNeedham1
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    Where are you all based - I am in Wales, UK - got on the scales after my earlier post - 202 lbs - literally can't stop crying! Christmas has been crap - still ongoing - my OH is an alcoholic and creates a daily nightmare... SO determined to change - please tell me your stories! xx
  • SunnyBunBun79
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    41 soon to be 42 ! Need to lose 60lbs or more!
  • JewelLiz
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    Im 64 soon to be 65. 2020 was not kind! Now I need to get back to being healthy! Need to loose 20 pounds. Im living in sunny (cold) Florida. Looking for support to stay fit this year...anyone else?
  • mikedee_nyc
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    47 and looking to drop about 20 and tone up.
  • mnbvcxzlkjhgfdsa12
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    42 and aiming to lose 20-25ibs. Been very focused over Xmas, hoping I can keep that up and make a big dentin my goal before my 43rd birthday in March.
  • brevilo99
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    arbucklel wrote: »
    I am 43 and have about 40 lbs to lose. I have lost about 40 already. Setting 5 lb goal by Jan 15th. Looking for encouragement and motivation.

    Congrats on the 40 lbs!
  • BronTonRollyBeau
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    Hi All , I'm Bronwyn in Australia 56 yrs young 😉 I have 9-10 kgs ( 20lbs ) to lose.Tone up and hopefully keep off ! I mainly walk as I do have joint problems but don't want that to stop me moving, here's to staying focused & motivated.
    I'd love to join you and stay accountable.
  • Jennliftsandspins
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    I am 47. I’ve lost 20lb with Noom this past year and have joined MFP to lose another 10-15lb.
    I’m in Ontario.
  • I’m 42 and in the UK. Let’s make 2021 we year our year for making long term change!
  • amyoliverhoyles
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    I’m 43 and have lost 33 pounds and have about 16 to go. I’ve been on a plateau for a bit. The same three pounds up and down. I’d really love to get in the 140’s. I would love to have like minded friends to help keep me motivated.
  • ah1721
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    I’m 51 with 15 lbs to lose. Looking to find the motivation I need in MFP. I live in Ontario.
  • newlark01
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    I’m in the UK - 49 with 20 lbs still to lose (15 down this year from my heaviest). Slow and steady through small changes and habits is my plan...
  • IWTBF67
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    I’m 68 and ready to rock 2021. Would love friends!🎶🎶🎶
  • goatelope
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    bunny3269 wrote: »
    I am 49 and have at least 50 pounds to lose. I would love to meet women around my age who are like minded to help and motivate each other!

    Same - add me