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  • DebbieNeedham1
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    Karenw112 wrote: »
    UK based, 46, vegan, somehow have 3 stone to lose..oops! Also giving up alcohol in 2021 because it's an expensive way to act like a knob 😁

    yup know what you mean - alcohol has been my downfall in more ways than 1 - yesterday 1 glass vino - today ZERO!!!!!! we can do this hun! x
  • Stimpy56
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    48 and back on MFP to drop 50 - 60 lbs. The older I get the harder it is to take off, but slow and steady wins the race. Add me.
  • CaramonM
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    44 here with a good 70 lbs to lose. Going to be a rough year in doing it, but I'm going to get a good 50 of it off at least (I hope). Add me if interested in a fellow traveler on the path.
  • happygirl0711
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    Will be 47 in March with 50 pounds to lose- would like to be added to join the journey for support along the way!
  • FatMomSlim21
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    I would love to have some support! I am 45 years old and and to lose at least 50 lbs. I am in California. Mom to 3 kids.
  • Marlie22
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    I'm 27 and I have about 100lbs to lose. I've lost some of it but fell off the wagon a few months back because of some bad stuff that happened in my life and gained a lot back. Now I'm trying to pick up my life and start back up again slowly. This time I wanna get to the finish line. Please add me as a friend on here. Seeing your posts motives me and I love to help motive others too!
  • Stimpy56
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    @DebbieNeedham1 - Great job and nice loss. Keep at it!
  • DebbieNeedham1
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    Stimpy56 wrote: »
    @DebbieNeedham1 - Great job and nice loss. Keep at it!

    Thanks!! Doing my best. How is everyone else getting on??
  • Alternative_Rach
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    Im 47 and not in greatest of health ... i was here a few years back and lost 48lb.... my weights been flutuating up and down all last year. I am struggling to achieve weight loss with out support of others in similar situations so Im back. So i am back and I aim to lose another 37lb...
  • smallmu
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    I'm 53, based in London, Uk. I need to loose 35 lbs but want to lose 50 ;)
  • christina6198
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    Hi! I turn 40 this year- June 27th, and I have about 60 pounds to loose. Looking to make connections with others that have a similar amount of weight to loose. It’s quite daunting when you’re first starting out...
  • dawnrlovitt
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    edited January 2021
    I'm 49...for 6 more months, and I have been on WW for a year and I have lost 30+ pound but keep gaining back and losing 10. I am so tired of it. I would be ecstatic to lose 40 pounds by my birthday. Currently 208lbs.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    43... 2 weeks from today LOL

    i lost 130 pounds 5 years ago, gained 50 of it back since getting married two years ago. LMAO

    so, I know what I'm doing and have done it before. trust me, if *I* can do it, anyone can ;)

    need to lose that 50 AT A MINIMUM and in all reality have a bit more to go from that. but lets just take one crisis at a time, shall we?

    I eat normal food. I do workout. I eat around 1500 cals/ day. If I can make it fit, its fair game.

    Live on a farm in Virginia.

    I am unlikely to like or comment on routine things like closing a diary or logging in, but if you actually POST something and I see it, ill generally chime in.

    i don't send many friend request but am happy to accept them!

  • dawnrlovitt
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    smallmu wrote: »
    I'm 53, based in London, Uk. I need to loose 35 lbs but want to lose 50 ;)

    Oh... the struggle of wanting to lose X is such a crazy feeling. I want to lose 65, but I will be ecstatic with 40!
  • effi098
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    Hi all, I am 44, based in the UK and I would like to use 30lbs and tone. And get physically fitter. Also happy to get friend requests, I joined a few months ago but actually now starting to use the app seriously.
  • effi098
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    danifo0811 wrote: »
    I'm 44 with 3 kids. Been trying to lose baby weight and he turns 6 in January. I was fine with my older kids but this time was different. He ended up with an autism diagnosis but the key things that affect me are sleep.

    I have 50-60 lbs to lose. I'd really be happy if i could just maintain decent habits. I'm at the point where if I'd lost 1 lbs a month, I'd be at my goal weight. I'm usually ok for a couple weeks and then my son has awhile where sleep is for wimps and I fall apart and spiral for a bit.

    Work was also a tad stressful this year.

    Sleep is a big issue in my house as well, with both of my kids. And unfortunately when I am overtired I head for some late night snacks which is my demise...
  • cstew630
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    I'm a 42 y/o single dad. I've lost about 84lbs over the past two years, but have gained 20lbs back. I'm looking to lose 60lbs and get to my goal weight of 195lbs in 2021 as well as developing skills to maintain my weight loss, and I know having a community of people with similar goals will go a long way in helping me to do so. Please add me.
  • AlohaPdx
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    Hi, I'm 40 and looking to lose 50 lbs. Based in Portland, Oregon, would love to make friends for support both near and far.