Food Diary-anyone care to share?

Hi :) Just wondering if anyone usually shares their food diary? Mine's public, but would be really interested to see how others manage to cram foods etc into their daily allowance but still stay within their guidelines? It would be interesting to see other's ideas (or not :smiley: ) Thanks all :smile:


  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    mines public i think. i know its visible to friends in any case. i havent logged in forever, and my weight gain shows that, but am getting back on track. :)
  • AnnPT77
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    Mine's open to friends, but I'm not sure it's all that helpful (feel free to send a friend request if you think it might be): I'm long-term ovo-lacto vegetarian, now in year 5+ of maintenance, and have a relatively high calorie requirement even before exercise (currently eating 1850+exercise for ultra-slow loss of a few vanity pounds, at 5'5", mid-120s pounds, age 65). I don't log every day any more, but do log most of them. (Skipped some around Christmas! 😆)

    Wishing you much success!
  • Dogmom1978
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    Mine is public, but I’m super picky, very boring (usually same breakfast and same lunch every day) and I eat like a 5 year old.

    Anyone that wants is free to check it out though.
  • noraknotes
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    Mine is open to friends as well if you'd like to view. I fell off for a loong time but I'm really trying to be more accountable to myself and get back to tracking. I have so much personal stuff going on that I've been neglecting my health (and weight goals). I personally have issues with dieting and aim to make healthier choices but still eat what I want.

    You got this!!! :smiley:
  • lisaap77
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    Mine is open, I think to public. I like it open, it helps me stay mindful. I don't think anyone does, but knowing that they can, helps me be more mindful. I like to look at others for ideas, as well.
  • I think mine is open. I am an outlier; I can't eat most fruits and vegetables, so my diary is full of hamburgers and chips and more than occasional bits of candy and such. I eat small portions.
  • springlering62
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    Mine is open.

    I would ignorethe run-up to Christmas though. I swear the avatar is legit. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • manderson27
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    Mine is open to public. I am a sloppy logger but it gives you some idea of the kind of foods I eat. I am in the UK so not sure how helpful it will be.
  • bold_rabbit
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    Mine is open to friends. I'm pescatarian, although that isn't always obvious from the names of my recipes ("beef" stew wouldn't actually contain meat). I've logged all food every day for the 532 days I've been here, except for one week of vacation last year.

    I'm in maintenance, which for me (not being the calorie burner that AnnPT77 is) means 1460 calories plus exercise.
  • IWTBF67
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    Mines open and I log daily!
  • sandhillsmom
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    Mine is public if you care to look or add me as a friend. I'm logging every day and being honest with myself.
  • ThatCookieGurl
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    I believe that mine is public, but I tend to struggle with diet (getting better with time though). Feel free to add me because I really need to get back on this diet life full force and support is essential for both.
  • Isabelisik
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    mine is public too. however i am trying to do OMAD on some days, so some days I eat less than 1000cal. also, you may find some good meal ideas, especially if you do low carb :wink:
  • psuLemon
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    Mine's public but I run a targeted ketogenic diet (timing carbs around a workout). But I do cook a lot and post a lot of my meals in the low carb group. Big breakfast for dinner person and weekend brunches
  • ehrenlynae7
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    You are welcome to add me. My diary is public, though I’ve just started logging food consistently. My goal is to log everything at first just to get an idea of what I’m eating and slowly create a calorie deficit over time.
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    Mine is open to anyone ..I am Keto so it may not interest you
  • Chef_Barbell
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    Mine is open and public since forever... I just started back logging again.