Need to lose 40lbs! 25 years old England.

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I need to lose 40lbs this year. I’m 150lbs and I’m 5ft 3” and I’ve been trying for years to get that banging summer bod! I really need to do it this year so I could really do with some support, if you support me I’ll support you! Let’s do this. Bring on 2021!! <3


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    Welcome to the MFP forums!

    What's your 2021 strategy to get to your goal (and stay there, I presume)?
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    Set a goal each day and win that day.
    The next day set a goal for that day and win.

    Sounds easy but it works.
    You’ve got this.
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    Best of luck hitting that 40lb goal! Following along
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    @TryingMyBestCL welcome to MFP.

    With you being quite short, you're going to have to log as accurately as possible to ensure you're in a calorie deficit as unfortunately it does put you at a lower BMR than us taller folk (basically meaning you burn less calories at rest), it also means your weight loss is probably going to be a bit slower too as you don't have much wiggle room for error. A food scale would be a great investment if you don't already have one and take care to vet the entries you use from the Database.

    There are some great tips on how to log accurately in this thread:

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    Hey there! My name is Ashley! I am 25 from Tennessee! I have used this app off and on for several years and never stuck with it. I am at my highest weight and looking forward to a healthy lifestyle. Also, looking to lose around 40 pounds. I am 5ft so carrying around extra weight can be discouraging/difficult. You got this!!
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    Hi, I was in a similar situation as yourself an year ago. 26 5'8 not short as yourself but still short .
    First attempt on weight loss .Haha.but decided moving my health in right direction during the pandemic
    SW 176 (Body fat - 29%)
    CW 146 (Body fat - 18%)
    GW 133 (Body fat < 15%)
    Just keeping a track what I eat and removing beer from my diet helped a lot. Rest came from some form of exercise 4-5times a week. But the best thing that has happened is that there is no longer an urge of binging or emotional eating. So I don't really fall off the hook any day. Even if I miss my daily targets by some amount, it does not bother me the next day and I start a new. So, i would say work on this thing mentally as much as you do physically.
    Good luck folks!
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    Hi! I'm aiming to lose around 40lbs as well. Starting off slowly, improving my diet and lots of walking... 36 from Wales x
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    Same! I’m 38 in Iowa (USA) was always fit and the last 3-4 years I’ve been steady getting heavier and heavier. Sitting at 245 trying to get down to 205..200 would be better but I’m getting married in July!
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    I lost up to 20lbs during the pandemic. I ate two boiled eggs and orange juice for breakfast. Then half stir fry dinners in a bag adding more vegetables plus some meat. Then for dinner salad or another healthy meal. Between lunch and dinner I workout doing situps and then getting on the spin bike for two runs.