Skin sensitive to touch =CARBS?



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    YEEESSSS! Fibro flare ups are definitely tied to food! I do best sugar/dairy/grain free. We were on a month long vacation and in that time I gained over 10 lbs and was a puffy, achy mess. Just 3 days in to my reset and already feeling better! There are times when my husband can barely touch me. Other times instead of pain i get intense itching up and down my legs.
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    i have found no relation between my skin pain and my carb consumption. i find it is more related to stress
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    LMAO at the four people disagreeing with my personal experience.

    My ex was a cat hoarder. We had six cats in a two bedroom apartment and he got into the double digits after I moved out.

    Normally I was fine, but when I had a LOT of ice cream, I'd start sneezing up a storm, get watery eyes, etc.

    I'm baffled that people would disagree with this, but not the premise of the OP: too many carbs = skin pain.

    I'd appreciate it if you disagreers would explain why too many carbs = skin pain is valid but too many carbs = allergic reaction is invalid.

    What you’re describing is actually pretty common - one allergy (or sensitivity) may be below the threshold to cause symptoms until a second allergy or a source of stress pushes both over the limit. I don’t know who disagreed with you or why but it seems like at least one commenter thought you were making a joke. It’s not a joke, this really happens! I am sensitive to ingredients in the kitty litter we used to use, it would make me get hives. But I only ever got hives from it when I was also stressed by something different, so it was difficult to track down the cause because it would come and go.
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    I get this occasionally. Usually it’s on my thighs and the back of my legs. It feels very sensitive and even if I lightly run my fingers over the skin, it feels sore as if it’s bruised. I don’t know what causes it and it only happens a few times a year.
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    Me too, after a day of extreme binging! Could be reactions to certain foods, but sure as heck feels like I can feel my fat cells expanding! Not especially painful, but definitely there, for like a day. I especially notice it when my weight is low generally. And if I gain weight slowly I don’t notice it at all. Cool to see this here :)
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    Is it where your body is gaining fat? I am really hoping not! I thought I read somewhere it is a condition that starts with an S. I told someone before and they claimed it could be IBS? I have no clue :(
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    My skin would hurt with clothing on. Especially my thighs. I tried a lot of things, but long story short; cutting eggs out of my diet did the trick.
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    I was too timid to comment on a post many, many months ago titled 'Too Many Carbs Causing Inflammation' but I was happy to see it and know that I'm not alone. I have a spot in my breast of calcifications, noncancerous, but nonetheless finding out terrified me even though I've always been a little sensitive in that area. When I eat (as one previous poster said...) too many treats, I notice inflammation in that area. For me, I believe it's both part mentally inflated and also part very real. You are not alone. Too many carbs will cause inflammation for me in that one area. I also want to note that I am not anti-carbohydrates. I eat them every day and every meal. Yes, I know what you are talking about...

    Adding, though, that my skin doesn't bother me no matter how many carbs I eat. It's a deeper tenderness that I feel. When I eat better, there isn't any inflammation that I can feel.
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    Sounds, that your own bodie trys to say something, sort of "hey, people, stop eating carby food! Its inflamatory!"
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    I get this with my fibromyalgia, but not related to carbs. It definitely gets worse when I am stressed or dealing with other allergies. Maybe it is similar, and there is a mild wheat allergy in the background?
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    I get this sometimes in my thighs. It feels exactly like a bruise. Never linked it to carbs, will pay more attention next time :) Could be an immune thing as I have an underactive thyroid, and I bruise VERY easily with that, but I'm definitely gluten intolerant and nevertheless used to binge on white flour-based carbs before this diet journey. Interesting to hear people's thoughts.

    Jumping back in on this as it's bothering me again this week. I've not been very well lately and had awful IBS, so I was basically forced into an elimination diet to figure out what was causing the trouble. After a few days on only veg, fruit, chicken and salmon, I reintroduced carbs in the form of brown rice. No tummy reaction whatsoever, so I was thrilled to have a little more substance in my diet as I continue to test other foods. However, the next morning (and for the whole of the day), the skin on the back of the tops of my legs has been so sore to the touch. It's the day after that now and I can still feel it, though it's not quite as bad. I've cut out rice again, obviously, but plan to test it again next week to see if I have the same reaction. I was wondering about fibromyalgia as well, as I do often get that all over achy feeling and I have have other autoimmune conditions, but I think the sore skin thing would be more frequent if so?
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