Favorite low calorie snack and dessert?

Need some quick snacks to pick up the grocery store! Very little prep if possible. One of my favs is fresh strawberries with low fat whipped cream🤤


  • trulyhealy
    trulyhealy Posts: 240 Member
    fiber one 90 bars, greek yogurt flavoured with jordan’s skinny syrup
  • capricorn231
    capricorn231 Posts: 3 Member
    Almond butter and celery, almonds, and high protein yogurt.
  • vanmep
    vanmep Posts: 406 Member
    Fudgesicles, good thins crackers with lite laughing cow cheese, 0 fat Greek yogurt with berries, clementines
  • Luke_rabbit
    Luke_rabbit Posts: 1,031 Member
    Any fruit. Veggies with hummus or dressing. (Pears are also really good with hummus). String cheese or other lower fat cheese sticks. For a more decadent snack, Clio yogurt bars are amazing. For lower calories, look for "kid" protein bars, which are usually under 120 calories.
  • LMM217
    LMM217 Posts: 10 Member
    For dessert, I love Skinny Cow Skinny Mini cones for 100 calories. Their salted caramel pretzel ice cream bars are also delicious for 160 calories.
  • AnnPT77
    AnnPT77 Posts: 32,011 Member
    Yasso frozen Greek yogurt bars, plain popcorn kernals to pop & season at home, plain Greek yogurt + peanut butter powder + frozen berries, lowfat string cheese or cottage cheese, veggies with yogurt-based dip.
  • misslizzierod
    misslizzierod Posts: 57 Member
    Just discovered Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt (banana cream is my favorite flavor)

    -80 cal
    -9g carbs
    -0g fat
    -7g sugar

  • sulwen314
    sulwen314 Posts: 21 Member
    Mini Reese's cups are 44 calories each. I usually eat two a day for a very satisfying dessert.
  • scarlett_k
    scarlett_k Posts: 812 Member
    Sugar free jelly! I buy the sachets of powder and make them up into individual servings and leave in the fridge to set. I'll often put some fruit like blueberries in the bottom as well.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
    callsitlikeiseeit Posts: 8,627 Member
    snacks- fruit usually. sometimes yogurt
    desert? depends on what I have room for. the skinnycow line is all pretty good, and I like the boom chika pop sweet and salty mix too
    frozen yogurt cups can kind of seem like ice cream same for frozen pudding cups
  • LeiLaura
    LeiLaura Posts: 238 Member
    Lately, I've really been enjoying sushi nori seaweed sheets. They're only 5 cals a sheet, and they taste a little salty, so I munch away at them as if they're crisps. Took a few goes to get used to the texture, but I've found myself craving them now, and they really help me to deal with The Munches.