Active friends and support!

Looking for active friends here on MFP! For mutual likes and support :)


  • vs_shine
    vs_shine Posts: 1,322 Member
    Hi, I'll request you as a friend!
  • RunnethUpB
    RunnethUpB Posts: 18 Member
    vs_shine wrote: »
    Hi, I'll request you as a friend!

  • jmshattuckcst
    jmshattuckcst Posts: 2 Member
    Sending you a request as well! I log daily and am going to start adding daily check-in posts to my profile!
  • khage525
    khage525 Posts: 30 Member
    Adding you! I’m looking for more active friends as well!
  • bhurley100
    bhurley100 Posts: 200 Member
    Everyone is welcome to add me for more active friends.

    Added those above me!

    We got this!
  • ashleyreneesims
    ashleyreneesims Posts: 6 Member
    Hey y'all! Also looking for active friends and support! Feel free to add me ! :)
  • FunTasha
    FunTasha Posts: 8 Member
    Hi everyone! I’d love to join this group. I am 30 and currently 198 pounds. I just want to be a healthy weight most importantly. But I do have my wedding in July and I’d love to look my best for that and start my married life in the best place possible. I want to develop life long habits and I am tired of regaining weight.