Looking for accountability partners!!! Team!

I would really like to find like mined people to share the ups and downs (Preferably 😁) pictures, recipes, late night you can do it!!!


  • I want to join you! I need this kind of support in my life! <3
  • _wild_phoenix_
    _wild_phoenix_ Posts: 31 Member
    I'm right there with ya and will join you!
  • snuff15ee
    snuff15ee Posts: 99 Member
    I lost over 40 pounds in 8 months when I started my journey back in 2019. I've managed to keep it off all through 2020. I haven't missed a log day since I started. Feel free to add me. I'm very active in my physical fitness and I'm on here every day. I do have some recipes.
  • SunnyBunBun79
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    Count me in!!
  • jaclynkay92
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    Me me me!! Sounds like a party!
  • Anna_Tuya
    Anna_Tuya Posts: 22 Member
    Y'all please add me πŸ€— every time I try to add a friend, it tells me "user is invalid" 😭
  • areigle1
    areigle1 Posts: 4 Member
    Count me in!
  • dfree4wb
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    edited January 2021
    I hope you do well. I lost about 30 pounds a few years ago using this app. I got lazy and let things get out of hand, so I'm back to do it again. Just remember success breeds success!
  • sriley721
    sriley721 Posts: 68 Member
    I would like to be included please
  • Dfree I am with you I have lost 20 pounds on this app. I also was on it long enough at one point that I earned free stuff from UA. I am so glad that we all want to band together!

    Go team kick *kitten*! We got this!
  • Be_theBest_Me
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    This is the time!! 2021 the year the jiggle stopped!!!
  • Love love love that! <3
  • shinexc
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    If this thread is still going id love to join please!
  • I am totally here for it! Would love to join! Feel free to add me ❀️

    Sending you all so much love and light ✨