Here I am, back again

I am not "new to MFP", but I have been gone, gained more weight... and am here because this is what works for me and I need the accountability. My name is Heather, I am a mom of 3, have a full time job and own a small business. I am taking college classes, and need to figure out how to do better for ME than I have been doing. Here is to losing more than my 7 year old weighs!


  • a_ross94291
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    hi !! i am not a newbie but have stepped away from mfp for a while. i have lost a total of 25lbs but def need the accountability . i am a mama of a 14 year old boy and have found my self not eating how i should be. welcome back. great job noticing that you need to step it up and take care of you again =)
  • ccb1030
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    I am a habitual re-starter, back at it again too! Feel free to add me 🙂

    Mom to 2
    Night shift nurse
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    Hi all, I am a work from home from a PC with a chair shapped bottom half 🤣 with a sence of humour I am never shy with weight, do follow me for some interesting updates on my new foods I am currently cooking. No idea how to add people if someone can help me out!?? Feel free to add me.