Yorkshire guy needs a kick up the bum from UK peeps!

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Hey everyone,

Hope you're well?

I'm having no issues with my exercise routine but its my food that the issue. Its always the way after xmas and could do with some support with my eating. It happens every start of the year but when i'm back on it, its all good!

Be good to hear from anyone in the UK. :)


  • NorthStar77
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    Sort thisen art lad!
    Thas needs a decent clip rount lug'oles!

  • AsthmaticHippo
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    Same issues here. Get plenty of exercise but diet is a train wreck

    Yorkshire lad (Wakefield) living in Sweden now

    Feel free to add me
  • Fit_Happens_2021
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    Yorkshire lass currently living in the US.
    I have food pretty much under control and I know how to eat healthily, until 9 pm rolls around each night, and then I want to eat ALL the things! Always looking for ways to control that late-night snacking.
    Feel free to add me.
  • Treyy_Millz_7
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    Best advice I can give; keep good food around you and you simply cannot eat bad - whether it's work or at home I always make sure I keep a good stock of things such as cereal bars, fruit, protein bars, oats, high protein granola, low fat yoghurts, peanut butter, rice cakes, low fat popcorn. etc. etc. Alternatively, look up some smoothie recipes and get experimenting. Hope some of that helps.
  • eliseducky
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    in the uk as well!
    my issue is portion control and believing that that's enough for me,
    my other issue is that i was raised like food=love, and who doesn't want to pour more love into themselves right?
    so i'm self loving too much lol and looking to reshape the way i look at food, interact with food etc

    feel free to add me!
  • mitch239
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    UK Here, I've always had a problem with making sure I am eating in correct portions. Recently bought some food scales but atm my diet is all over the place xD
    My biggest advice would be keep ffod around that you can eat without it causing too much of a disturbance to your goals.
  • anthonyn2
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    Good morning everyone. Hope you all smash today ❤️
  • _SoundWave_
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    Hey folks -
    Scotland here and could certainly use a kick up the butt with this current lockdown. Really struggling for the motivation. Feel free to add me