Cleaner eating and weight loss

I had always been fit and a good weight but since having children and my lifestyle becoming sedentary I've been slowly putting on more and more weight.
I've tried dieting over the past 4 years but ive never been able to stick to it. Mostly because its been diets like scarsdale where the restrictions are immense that have made me crack.
This time I've watched a ton of diet documentaries and feel much more mindful of what I'm eating. 9 days in and lost 5 pounds so far.
Thankfully, I love vegtables, salads, and cooking so its effortless this time.
I've never been one to snack or to crave cakes/sugar treats and these processed food documentaries have reversed my love for burgers/chinese/fried chicken etc. So I'm going strong and feeling the most optimistic I've ever been!
My BMI is currently 28 at 5ft 8inch and 84kg. Im aiming for 63kg through a complete lifestyle overhaul :)
I've developed some satisfying, nutrient rich and low cal recipes I'd love to share with all. Whilst benefiting from the wisdom of longer term fitness enthusiasts o:)


  • jessienani
    jessienani Posts: 60 Member
    That's awesome sounds like we share the same history minus having kids. Those super strict diets are just too easy to fall off of!
  • quiksylver296
    quiksylver296 Posts: 28,140 Member
    Good work! I totally prefer a "diet" where I can eat the things I like. I would never succeed on a strict diet. I allow all things, in moderation, and just make sure I hit my calorie target for the day. So much nicer! I had grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch yesterday. It was rainy and cold and they hit the spot. Never could do that on a "strict diet"! :)