Fresh Start - time to unlearn what i did before.

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So I was on Myfitnesspal for over 3 years logging every day. I'm male, 5"6 and reached 145lbs. In late October 2018 I was approaching 230lbs. It was a long road. I decided to start my account from scratch because I'm going to be doing it different.

Now I have to learn to eat more. My goal is to get to 160lbs.. no timeframe. But I cant just eat. For gaining weight macros are likely very essential and very important, so i'm not putting on fat with just a little bit of muscle. My b/f currently sits at about 11% so i'd like to lower that as well while gaining which will be challenging. I scratched my account (after having saving a screen shot of the progress of course) .

Any tips or anyone on similar journeys? I did take a few weeks off from absolute zero logging (from Xmas to now) so I had my refeed/diet break and i'm ready to start from scratch. Worst case scenario i fail and when i gain the weight back my body fat isn't lower... i'll always know how to lose it again.

No gaining weight back isn't just as easy as eating in a surplus. I'm not trying to get fat back.


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    Not sure why my username didn't update? I deleted the account and used the same e-mail.