Quick snack ideas easy to make

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Hi guys, any quick on the go snack ideas tnx in advance ... :) Preferably under 100 cal


  • acpgee
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    Buy some of those uncooked poppadoms sold for deep frying at home. Pop one or two into the microwave for a minute. They puff up and turn brittle once cool. About 38 cals per poppadom. I like to dip in some yoghurt with a little chutney stirred in.

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    Get some little (~4oz) tupperware containers and you can pack all sorts of little 100-200 calorie snacks in them. This is cheaper and creates less packaging waste than buying single-serving prepackaged snacks.

    I have peanuts packed in little 1oz portions for this week (~160 cal), it took two minutes for me to weigh out five little cups of peanuts on my food scale. Nuts and dried fruits make good little snackies, or you could just go for trail mix but watch the sugar.

    You can also bake cooked/canned chickpeas (garbanzo beans) at about 400F for 10-20 minutes, depending on your oven and desired level of crispiness, and they make a delightfully crunchy snack - toss to coat with a bit of your favorite cooking oil, add whatever herbs and spices you like to flavor them. I peel them but that's personal preference, it is 100% valid to not want to spend half an hour peeling chickpeas, it'll still work and taste fine if you leave the skins on. You can go sweet, spicy, salty, whatever you're feeling.

    A small apple is about a hundred calories, maybe less depending on how much core you leave. That's easy enough to toss in a bag and take with you.

    Two hard-boiled eggs is about 100 cal. I would want to refrigerate them if possible, but they'd be fine in an insulated lunchbox with a cold pack for a couple of hours, probably.
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    Crispbreads and dairylea. Lovely. :smile:
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    Cut up veggies ahead of time for easy to grab snacks. Keep cut carrots and celery fresher by storing in water. Radishes, peppers, cherry tomatoes, raw brocolli all make great snacks with a healthy dip like hummus. Don't recommend cutting cucumbers ahead of time.

    Cut cheese into small pieces and separate into snack size portions.

    Greek yogurt is delicous. I enjoy the Dannon Light n Fit because they have a great variety of flavors that can make you feel like you're getting a dessert.

    Fruit is great and super easy to grab and go. Apples, bananas, oranges, peaches and pears are all simple that don't need to be peeled or sliced.

    Variety of nuts and dried fruit, such as a healthy trail mix.
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    My all-time favorites are:

    * apple & almond/peanut butter (carrots & PB are also great)
    * POPCORN!
    * Hardboiled eggs
    * SugarFree jelly!
    * Red apple & cheese
    * Rice cakes with toppings (cottage cheese, fruits, hummus, PB, jam, etc)
    * Dark chocolate.
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    Some easy things for on the go would be apples, bananas, nuts, string cheese, popcorn, rice cakes, cottage cheese, yogurts, crackers, dry cereal, shakes, and they have so many choices of pre-packaged 100 calorie snacks at most grocery stores.