Looking for community, friends, and encouragement!

Hi buds,

My name is Em, I am nearly 30 years old, and am back here after a couple year break due to illness and recovery thereof. I was obsessively active before my illness, and I'd like to get back to a healthier, less extreme version of that.
My goals are to continue to build a healthy relationship with food, and to have my focus be on getting stronger. I love dance, aerial arts, hiking, and being outdoors, so I want to be in good enough physical shape to be able to do more of what I love, but balance this with other aspects of my life.
I'm looking for friends here who also share the goals of a healthy relationship with food, especially in the light of recovery from eating disorders. I'd like to have friends here who are also focusing on enjoying what their bodies can do and taking care of them in a healthy, happy, and balanced way, not necessarily having weight-loss or "peak performance" be the overarching goal.

If you feel like your goals are similar, feel free to send me a friend request!
Or if you know of any groups here that seem to fit what I'm looking for, I'd be very happy to hear about them :)

Thank you, and good luck in your journey!


  • Escapetoparadise
    Escapetoparadise Posts: 35 Member
    Hi Em
    Welcome back sounds like we have similer story
    More than welcome to add me as friend
  • ShawtyLatina
    ShawtyLatina Posts: 160 Member
    Hi, Em. Wow on your journey. I applaud your strength and your will to get back to a healthier you. I would love to be buddies and cheer you along the way. I have similar goals. Had lost 175 pounds prior because of a slew of a health challenges. How I enjoyed the privilege to feel free and move in my own body. Health challenges found me again and I gained a ton weight and am feeling trapped again. While I’m a chef and understand the role of food, sometimes my emotional is stronger than my mental, I find myself off my path. Everyday is a new day fight.

    If this sounds similar, happy to friends and share in our journeys together. Sending you my prayers and a big hug!