Mama in her 30's living with chronic pain

Hi All,

My name is Ashley and I'm 34 years old. I'm a first time mama to an almost 2 year old girl and happily married. I've used Myfitnesspal on and off several times but this is my first time back at it in quite some time.

In the past I was able to lose 85 lbs but slowly over the years it has crept back on. Primarily starting when I simultaneously injured both of my ankles, was misdiagnosed, and walked a year on a broken ankle with nearly no ligament and underwent surgery. Since then, I have continued to suffer from early arthritis in my knees, ankles, and back and additionally have been through all but surgery with chronic back issues and bulging discs.

I was in the best shape of my life in my twenties, very active and now I have faced some of the worst years of my life in my 30's. I am hoping to really adapt a healthy and mindful lifestyle to help me get back on track. I don't want my peak to feel like it's over! ;)

My goals are to boost my self-confidence, forgive myself for falling back into my old tendencies, and be a greater role model for my daughter. I want to adapt healthier food choices that fuel me with energy and fight my fatigue.

I'd love to meet folks that are willing to act as a support group for accountability and just be there when days are rough.

Feel free to message me if you want to connect!


  • kaycoes
    kaycoes Posts: 54 Member
    Hello, 33 here. Working on getting back to where I want to be as well! I can understand some of your things going in for sure! But you got this!
  • PremGandhi
    PremGandhi Posts: 115 Member
    Wow. You have been through some pretty rough time. Keep believing in yourself, you got this! Good luck