Blisters 😫

I’ve started walking but my trainers are giving me terrible blisters on the outside of my feet see photo. Any ideas how to heal them and also why am I getting them these are my trainers I used to wear for work and never rubbed me before. They are sketchers. Any advice on better trainers for walking both on rugged ground and pavement. 😊 thank you 😊 the blisters are on both feet and same area x


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    You could try heel locking them to see if it helps (link to video below). You will probably have to stop walking for a few days to let the blisters heal. It will be hard otherwise to see if the heel locking helps or not. If it doesn't help you might need different shoes for exercise type walking. I have a pair of Saucony's that are fine for everyday wear but give me terrible blisters when I use them for longer exercise type walks. I have a pair of Brooks Adrenaline I have been using for exercise walks since last spring and I like them. For reference I generally walk 5 miles 3-4 times a week (unless it's freezing out!). Make sure you have good socks also!
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    I noticed years ago that long stride purposeful walking can make shoes move totally different compared to average daily use.

    Combined with so much more frequency - blisters.

    Shoot, I have running shoes that with good mid-foot landing have no issues running, but when walking and the increased heel strike and heel sinking into the footbed - problems on achilles.
    I can increase the turnover and shorten the stride to solve usually, but it's mindful of it as I'm used to striding out to increase speed walking.
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    If you can get them try these

    They should let you keep walking
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    You need new shoes. The repetitive friction on your foot from the shoe (most likely it’s where the seam of the insert is located) is causing the blister. Also you need good socks with cushion. I finally went to a podiatrist to find the right shoe for me. You can put compeed or second skin over the blisters but until you change out your shoes you will still get blisters. Also I wear 1/2 size bigger shoe than my regular shoe for walking or hiking.
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    Thank you all for your replies very much appreciated 🙏💋
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    Compeed are pricey, and sometimes HTF locally, but worth every penny. Instant blister relief. Amazing product.

    Go to a running store and get analyzed and get a professional fit. It is well worth the extra $20 or so you may pay for the quality of the fit versus the type of stride you have.

    You can always order additional shoes of the same model elsewhere, although I do try to support my local guys so they’ll be there when my stride changes again-which it probably will depending on the amount of weight you lose, or if you develope a bouncy happy, long stride, like I have, lol.

    Glide anti chafe stick will help if you feel the twinges of a blister starting.

    I went through a brief period when my “bat wings” flapped while walking vigorously and gave me an awful, painful chafe under my arms. You can use Glide anywhere- feet, thighs, under arms and breasts. It was a lifesaver for about two months.

    Balega brand socks will rock your world. I never thought a SOCK could be an amazing piece of athletic equipment but they are. And they last much longer than the athletic socks I buy in packs at target and the like.
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    I've never associated Skechers with exercise, more as everyday footwear, but maybe they have a suitable range. For walking I would look for something with decent support throughout the foot and some level of padding round the ankle so the foot can't wallow around in the show. I also swear by thick, cushioned exercise socks.
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    Whilst I agree with everyone here about looking at your shoes first, if you still struggle with blisters long term this has been a game changer for me!!

    I was getting blisters on the bottom of my feet every time I walked, my toes were blistering in between them and I was in pain every time I walked a decent amount due to friction. I also heel lock my shoes (I walk in walking boots) as suggested above, but since using this cream I've not had a single blister!