Sooooo I’m back with 28lbs to lose 😩 just on here for the motivation and to support others- once I get started and start seeing results I know I can do it! Good luck everyone x


  • MaltedTea
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    Good luck to you too! So...when do you "get started?"
  • sugaraddict4321
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    Welcome. :)

    Do you have a plan yet? If not, here's a great thread to get you started:
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    Welcome 🙏 good luck
  • abbey0110
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    MaltedTea wrote: »
    Good luck to you too! So...when do you "get started?"
    Thank you!!! Starting today just hope I can stick to it! It’s snowing outside but I’m reminding myself this does not mean I NEED hot chocolate!!
  • sugaraddict4321
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    @abbey0110 If you want hot chocolate and it fits into your calories for the day, go for it! I do. If you want to substitute something lower calorie, there are a ton of hot tea options out there. I like mine with some honey.

    That's the great thing about giving up yo-yo dieting. I don't have "forbidden" foods or whatever. I can eat whatever I want, but I can't eat unlimited portions or it's not going to go well with weight loss. I do track daily, but I try not to stress over daily numbers. I like to average it out over the week.

    Enter your stats and set your goals in MFP. Eat the calories it recommends. Eat back some but not all exercise calories, mostly because calorie burns on treadmills and even our tracking devices can be a bit high.

    Be realistic with your expectations, most of us aren't going to lose 2 pounds a week. ;)
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    I am also back.. Food and delivery lover with 25 kg extra to lose.
    This time is more difficult, as we are locked down at home due to Covid, but I will make it happen.