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So I’m back in the gym and need a work out routine. I’m getting serious this time around with the gym and I wanna see the results.
My goal is to loose more weight and build muscle. So far I’ve gone every day but one this week. Starting this past Saturday. I’ve already got a pre workout and protein shake plan down. My eating habits are in check. This is the last piece of the puzzle. There’s a bunch of information out there and it c. Be overwhelming. Looking to see if I can get input on a workout routine so I’m hitting different muscle groups each day. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks !


  • ajlmfp22
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    I'm a fan of doing a split routine personally because it's flexible and feels efficient. If I miss a day (e.g. sick, holiday closure, inclement weather) it's not a big deal because it's easy to adjust your schedule and stay on track for the week. I also like how I can be in and out in about 1.5 hours. I used this to help me figure out my current workout routine, and I like how they give you a couple different options to choose from as well.
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    I started with Stronglifts 5X5. Only five lifts to learn, and you can download the app for free at The app tells you what lifts to do, and at what weight. Simple!