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Need inspirstion

Hi been on here for a while now but need some inspiration got in a bit of a rut putting weight on and not doing exercise not drinking enough water and more importantly not logging what i eat, just need to get back on it


  • MaltedTea
    MaltedTea Posts: 6,286 Member
    C'mon in, Alan! If you're looking for friends, try these threads...

    ...and there are a lot of riders in the forums too so I'm sure you'll find them as well!
  • duxlady
    duxlady Posts: 18 Member
    Hi Alan
    There are three things that are the keys to success - you already know them.
    - Logging your food ( calorie limit)
    - Moving more ( exercise)
    - Community- talking about it to help keep your focus.
    Just start again- right now. You don’t have to be perfect all the time - just keep going forward.
    I have lost about 50 since May. A few more to reach my goal range.
    If you have a problem- try to figure out what’s behind it. Keep trying new things if something isn’t working for you. For example:
    If you snack at night, try eating dinner later, have a hot beverage after dinner, stay away from the tv or watch in another room away from the refrigerator. Try to figure the behavior behind the eating.
    If logging is an issue- log your foods for the day in advance before you eat.
    Keep adjusting as needed and you will get there. 😀