Daily Messaging

So I have had this app before. I am looking for people who want to connect and talk daily about progress, struggles, goals, motivation, accountability, whatever. I don't mean just a random "you can do it!" but actual conversation.

If anyone wants something like that, send me a message or friend request or however that works here.


  • AlwaysWanderer
    AlwaysWanderer Posts: 641 Member
    You know, I just logged in for the first time in awhile to look for the exact same thing!
    It’s a hard game, losing weight, especially when you are the only one in your family or social group who is doing it. They don’t constantly want to hear how much effort it took to have eggs rather than toast for breakfast, or debate pros and cons of different diets or exercise routines.
    But it takes all of that, at least for me, to stay on track.
    So count me in!
  • martin5015
    martin5015 Posts: 2 Member
    Hey, im not a Coach or something like That, but what i do works for me. So if you Need Motivation or Inspiration i would Love to hear from you and Share our experiences.

    Btw: sorry for my Bad english im from germany 🇩🇪

  • jbirdy76
    jbirdy76 Posts: 161 Member
    I have been working hard on me for over 10 years. It is crazy the ups and downs and twists and turns. During this time I have discovered that I am motivated through social interaction. I mean the times in my life I have stuck with something or accomplished things I had to have a strong social connection to make it work. The lock downs and social distancing have made that really hard but it is amazing how you can find a way to make it all work once you start figuring out what makes you tick as an individual. I hope you can find the support and motivation you all need to keep at it! We are all worth it!
  • takera16
    takera16 Posts: 23 Member
    I'm also socially motivated, I love this idea. The message board system is a little wonky here, it's not quite the same as an actual meaningful conversation.
  • michelle1173
    michelle1173 Posts: 153 Member
    I've looked for something similar for a while and just posted here the other day. I'm finding that most people won't write messages and will comment or respond if I post something in my status. So I'm going to be more open in my status if I can. If someone wants to write they can. I do well when I publicly commit to do something. It's worked well when I post in group, but I find I feel lost when I post to a group especially if it is too large. So I'm going to use my status on here to post that I can. Whoever wants to write or respond will be motivating, so hopefully I can keep up with it.
  • NGeesaman20
    NGeesaman20 Posts: 48 Member
    If youll want you can please add me as well. Im always up for daily email messaging to stay motivated. Its hard to stay on track and "keep it together" when you are the only one in the house doing it. Esp with the daily struggles of life right now. So please feel free to message me I will always email yall back and give my full support.
  • veganbabe777
    veganbabe777 Posts: 374 Member
    I am up for it. I have been looking into starting a small messaging group. I think it would really be helpful
  • Count me in also. I have been struggling and doing so much emotional eating. I have gained 5 pounds this year. I have no support and daily messaging sounds great.
  • AchievinMyDream
    AchievinMyDream Posts: 12 Member
    I sent you a friend request and message!
  • JustaJoe00
    JustaJoe00 Posts: 776 Member
    like it! this is a good way to make friends and to keep on track!!
    XOX_LOTSA_XOX Posts: 89 Member
    it is always good to commit with someone to live healthy and to motivate each other, supervise each other and try to help each other.