Bariatric regain help please

I have gained back about 60 pounds so I have came back to the app but I can't eat all 1210 calories I get my protein and I walk a lot in my job but nothing is going away 😪😪


  • BethCW2963
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    You are not alone! I had my gastric bypass way back in 2002. My starting weight was 425 pounds and the smallest I got was 195 but I didn't stay there very long. To be honest, I never took my surgery seriously. I didn't exercise other than walking and didn't follow a nutritional diet plan. I did manage to stay at 220-230 for a long time but then as I got older (I am now 58), I started having some health issues and suffered from depression, which is never a fat person's friend since you reach out to food for comfort. So, in the past 18 months, I have gone from 230 lbs to my current weight of 320 lbs! Horrible and I refuse to let this get the best of me so I am now here on myfitness pal and following my diet and exercise goals. I can follow the daily calorie requirements at this point because my stomach is now stretched out.

    How long ago did you have the surgery and what type of surgery did you have? Have you looked into upgrading to the premium version? I am not sure since I cannot upgrade to it here in Guam, but I do think you can create and/or modify your diet plan.
  • callsitlikeiseeit
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    open your diary so we can see if you are logging accurately.

    it is highly unlikely that you are eating under 1200 calories and not losing

  • MartlePeanut
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    You are definitely not alone. I am in the same boat and I’m sure there are others. I gained the entire thing starting at lockdown last March. 60 pounds in one year. It has been a difficult time for so many. I am so much more sedentary and I am anxiety eating. I never expected this because I was so great for the past 7 years. Nothing fits and I feel achy and depressed. My mind is set and I am determined to get my pouch back in shape. I am going to try the pouch reset because I am not feeling any restriction. It is not too late for us. If we start now we can get back on track before it goes any higher. I know we can do it!