Reformer Pilates

I have been doing reformer Pilates for 2 months - 29 classes so far. Love it! I see inches melting away from my belly. Anyone else do this workout? I am incorporating strength training this week to add to my workouts. I used to be obsessed with Orangetheory until I had a spinal leak. Scared me so I stopped.


  • cheriej2042
    cheriej2042 Posts: 241 Member
    I do reformer classes too! I was doing 2x/week but just added a third class. I think it helps with strength and balance. I also used to go to Orangetheory but the studio near me was all about the treadmill and running as fast as you can which injured me so I quit.
  • Kimmys_Big_50_2021
    Kimmys_Big_50_2021 Posts: 7 Member
    I think 3 xs a week is perfect. Any less and the cost is not worth it to me - its expensive!
  • mbtierno
    mbtierno Posts: 1 Member
    I also love my Club Pilates classes and am going about 4x per week since mid-October.
    Big improvements in my core strength and balance. But .... doesn't burn too many calories... MFP says 174 calories for a 45 minute class which feels like too many ....
  • Kimmys_Big_50_2021
    Kimmys_Big_50_2021 Posts: 7 Member
    Yes I have to do other workouts along with Pilates to burn more cals for sure.
  • MostlyWater
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    I like using the machine but private classes are SO costly!!! I don't care much for mat pilates otherwise