Hello and a very good afternoon, probably this question has been asked already;

So I'm 25, 176cm and 80kg I am already on a calorie deficit 1750kcal/day .

I am working out 7 days a week , trying to hit a different spots (back, legs, arms , chest etc) everyday so it won't feel the same.

I am doing 40-50 minutes of strength plus 20 minutes of cardio plus 10000 steps a day .

I want to get to 77kg and lose a bit more fat, any idea if the workout I'm doing is enough in terms of time and goal ?

P.S.: every 2 weeks I add a bit more weight to make it a bit more challenging

Thank you !


  • ninerbuff
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    Working out is for fitness and health. Calorie deficit is for fat loss. Exercise can help burn calories, but overall it's how many calories you CONSUME that dictates if you'll lose fat or not. Find you TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) and make sure you do a moderate calorie deficit (say 500 calories) from it.

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  • stefan121ionita
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    Thank you!
  • nataliepate25
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    Make a healthy diet plan for yourself in which add more protein food and try not to sweat because sweating helps to lose weight and you want to gain weight right!!
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    More is not necessarily better. Lifting and other forms of exercise break down the body, so you need to think of recovery cycles as part of your workout regimen. It's good that you are rotating muscle groups but it may be beneficial to incorporate a day off /week into your schedule, or 3 weeks with higher volume/intensity and a lighter recovery week. There are a lot of programs out there depending on what your specific goals are, check them out or talk to a trainer.
  • stefan121ionita
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    Thank you very much for your advices !