Goal Reachers and In-progress People: Show us your journey over time! (Weight Report)

I regularly visit the Success Stories forum for inspiration and motivation while I am working towards my personal health goals. Seeing everyone reach their goals is amazing and I love the before and after pictures. Over the past couple of weeks, I have plateaued. When you are in the thick of it, it is hard to see the progression over time. I probably visit my weight report on a daily visit to see how far I've come to remind myself to keep going.

I think what would be really inspiring is the overall trend of weight loss (or gain, depending on your goals) across your health journey. Instead of only posting a picture to show your AMAZING end-results (You should be proud! I'm proud of you too!), I have a request for another kind of post.

People who have reached their goal or are currently working towards it, would you please post a screenshot of those changes over time from your weight report?

Show us your daily ups, downs, and plateaus.
Show us how you just kept going.
Show us your battle over time.

This may let other people (like me) who are still working towards their goals see a little bit of ourselves in you and keep fighting when it feels like progress is slow!


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    Thanks everyone for posting so far!

    I am trying to reframe these fluctuations that naturally happen as building my resilience to the changes that happen to everyone as they work towards their goals.

    As that resilience increases over time, when longer plateaus do happen, you are already in a healthy-enough mental space to know you just need to keep at it and, eventually, the scale will change. So, I am looking forward to seeing to the overall trend of others as well!

    I can't wait to post mine when I have made a little more progress!
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    Maintenance* over the past seven months...

    *I'm still looking to lose maybe 5-7 pounds but I feel no urgency about it.