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Goal Reachers and In-progress People: Show us your journey over time! (Weight Report)



  • charmmethcharmmeth Member Posts: 923 Member Member Posts: 923 Member
    This is my original graph for 2014-15 (85kg-ca.72.5kg):


    Here's my "maintaining" graph for 2015-16 (you can see this is drifting upwards though...):


    Here's another maintenance graph for 2016-17, showing the sudden upsurge in summer 2017 (medication :( ):


    And here is my current weight loss graph (88kg-ca.75kg), in maintenance range since December - with a long plateau of being around 76kg) but still losing and in progress:


    Lots of plateaux and ups and downs here! I'd like to get so that my weight is a hovering below 75kg.

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  • Eddie__JonesEddie__Jones Member Posts: 193 Member Member Posts: 193 Member
    sw:345 cw:215 gw:180 35lbs to go

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  • pourmonsoleilpourmonsoleil Member, Premium Posts: 15 Member Member, Premium Posts: 15 Member

    This is the graph for the past year but I lost 22 pounds before this:)
  • happimess01happimess01 Member Posts: 7,672 Member Member Posts: 7,672 Member
    From Nov, 2019 till last month hn2rt868em45.png
  • CameronWhittakerCameronWhittaker Member Posts: 25 Member Member Posts: 25 Member

    Thats kilograms.
    I weigh daily and note in down but on log drops of a kg or more.
  • helen_goldthorpehelen_goldthorpe Member Posts: 336 Member Member Posts: 336 Member
    This is weekly weigh ins (I actually weigh daily and use a trending app which has a smoother line, but also log my Monday weight on mfp). I'm trying to maintain now, but actually still dropping a little as I try to dial in my maintenance calories.

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  • NecessaryChangeNecessaryChange Member, Premium Posts: 88 Member Member, Premium Posts: 88 Member
    Around August of 2019 up to 2 days ago. Around 30 lbs to go to hit the goal weight of 250 which is self imposed for no real reason 😂
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