Been here a month I’m kinda shy and embarrassed. It’s been hard for me to post in here. I have lost 11.4 pounds in a month but I’m not seeing it when I look at pictures. I’m kinda feeling discouraged


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    It’s going to be fine you already doing great. You may not see your own progress because you looking for the change to happen faster. But others can see the change in your body before you will keep going.
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    Thank you I’ve been taking weekly pictures Your right I probably won’t see it
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    That’s awesome progress!! Keep up the good work.
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    You're doing great! It all depends on where your body decides to lose it. I lose move in my face first, but my weight us mostly in my gut. I didn't see a real difference until I'd lost almost 20 lbs. It will happen, don't worry.
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    It takes a while for your brain to catch up to your body.

    Take some measurements, Waist, hips, arms, legs etc. That helped me more than the scale going down x
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    Thank you I’m gonna do that today hopefully
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    All great advice to follow. I get discouraged sometimes too not seeing the scale move
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    Go to the store dairy section and look at 11 or 12 pounds of butter... Then imagine stuffing them all in your shirt or packing it on your body. 11.4 pounds is something to be proud of. And every day you continue you journey is a day closer to your goals.

    I find it hard to see the changes in myself too... But I am changing and I will continue to do so. I'm trying my best to be proud of the steps I'm taking to better my life and longevity.

    This might sound silly... But it really does help to look at yourself in the mirror and say OUT LOUD.... "I am beautiful! I am good enough, I and I deserve to be happy". It can actually help to start to dissolve negative thinking patterns in your brain that try to tell us the opposite.

    Welcome to community, and the very best to you!
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    That's amazing, keep working towards your goal. You'll see it, it just takes time. I don't see my own progress 90% of the time if I'm being honest, even though it's right in front of me. Try to not focus on it too much. Much easier said than done, but I know you can do it! You're already on your way, afterall.
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    Thank you
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    Try not to feel discouraged. Getting healthy and losing weight is difficult. Just keep plugging away. Make sure your goals are realistic and you’ll make it.
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    Hey Alicia, have you ever thought of trying a 21 day challenge with other contestants where you can win money? This might be a way to jump you out of that depression.

    best regards,

    Zach, There ain't nothin' about an Herbal Life Challenge that will fix depression and she never said she was depressed in the first place. Multi-level marketing is a tough way to make a living. Only the guy at the top
    gets the big bucks at the top of pyramid. You know that and you can't use this place for your billboard. Oooo, and Zach...did you know all of that protein powder is denatured protein. It's created in a lab and manufactured in a plant so it's mostly imaginary hippy dippy happy horsesheet when all is said and done. You'd probably get just as much out of it if you ate the box so find another job as soon as you can.
    Best Regards, Zach

    Moderator, you can delete mine, too. He's gone now.
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    @Diatonic12 where ya been? I see you haven’t lost any of your mustard!

    Alicia, look up body Dysmorphia. Disclaimer: I’m not a psychologist. But that’s the same thing we hear over and over on these boards, and I think many of us suffer from it to one degree or another.

    Your brain is a cunning, wily fox that plays mind games with you.

    I had lost nearly a hundred pounds and many, many clothing sizes before I could see it in the mirror. If someone calls me “tiny”. I think to myself, how can this be? I still feel big, awkward and clumsy.

    So many people here who’ve successfully lost weight report for years that they still walk sideways through narrow spots, or take the largest booth or chair, expecting to need the space.

    Keep taking the pictures. Take the measurements. As you size down, save a pair of your biggest pants. Put them on occasionally. Pull the waistband out. Savor the looseness. Get a full length mirror. Turn slowly in front of it. I’m wider than I am sideways. Stand up straight. The more I lost, for a while, the worse my posture got trying to keep me in the overflowing gut scenario. Isn’t that wierd? My body and brain subconsciously conspiring against me.

    Try to re-educate that brain.

    11 pounds is 44 quarter -pound patties. I’d say “where’s the beef?” But that would date me as the old lady I am lol.

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    @springlering62 I'm a ghost writer in the sky.