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Anyone please help ... I can’t keep up with diets I always slack when I start


  • wmweeza
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    What do you want more; To be comfortable all the time but have health complications, or to be healthy and work at it each day but feel pretty dang good?
  • michaelsurrett1154
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    Do not diet. Consider what you are doing as a lifestyle change. Hold yourself accountable because that’s the person who matters most in the MFP journey.
  • AnnPT77
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    Don't try to lose fast. Try to find a method that's easy, one that you can keep up long term and be pretty happy. Trying to lose fast is the slow way to goal, very often. Slow progress that's easy, it adds up, with patience.

    Obviously, you've been down a "try to lose weight" path before. Given how your post talks about it, it sounds like you've learned some things that *don't* work for you. Do something different this time, something easier. If that doesn't work as well as you'd thought, don't give up, just learn from that round too, and try something else. Keep going.
  • AndreaTamira
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    Anyone please help ... I can’t keep up with diets I always slack when I start

    Well, what are you doing when you try to lose weight? And where do you normally falter?

    Others already have pointed out that "dieting" is often not the right thing to do, and that going dlow and treating this as a life style change may be better. But if you give more info you may get more tips specific to your personal situation.
  • OAS5
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    Here is the game I used play all the time before I finally lost weight. I would make up my mind, I'm gonna lose weight this time. And then I would think, if I lose 2 pounds a week, that's 8 pounds a month, "this is gonna take forever". Then I would say 3 pounds a week, "oh it's gonna take forever to get down to 200". I would just about fail before I even started. Throw all that away and just eat healthy each and every meal, each and every bite. Do not think of it as a diet. I think that is the key, at least it was for be. 75 pounds later and I know it's the key. Healthy each meal, healthy each and every bite.