Hello Everyone I am new well a week I was doing okay then fell off the wagon. I really need help! I did have a lot of control at a younger age now it is harder for me. Everyone Stay Fit and Well. Can anyone give me pointers on this app because I am not too familiar. Thanks Roseann


  • bjhart9
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    How are you falling off the wagon? What are smash eating? Is it in the house or is it take out food? Are you eating to feel good and instant gratification?
  • NecessaryChange
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    I'm sorry, that sounds rough. My eating issues aren't very similar to binging. But what has helped me is just questioning everything I pick up.. can I work this off today? Will this be my only one? Do I need this or am I just super hungry right now? Also the past 2 days I noticed having friends on here seeing my daily logs has me really wanting to hit my daily goals. I don't like feeling disappointed in myself but even more so I worry constantly about letting others down. So having some accountability buddies has been a huge help. Good luck with your journey! I hope that helps or sparks an idea for you 🙂
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    I had a lot of trouble not eating snacks late at night, so to solve that issue I have "banished" myself to my bedroom after a certain time and I'm not allowed to come out until morning lol. If I can't stay in my room for the night, I do everything I can to stay away from the kitchen. Remember "the floor is lava" challenge? I tell myself, "the kitchen is lava" lol.

    Another thing that helped me, in all honesty, is after working so hard during the day to watch my calories and exercise only to blow it at night was frustrating me enough that it pushed me to WANT to do better. I don't want to end my evening angry or feeling bad about myself, especially when I have put so much work in during the day to reach my goals.

    Best of luck to you. You've got this!!! xoxo